Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Orange Nails and Pumpkins.

If you're not excited about layering, switching up your make-up and Halloween, then you are lying to yourself and everyone around you. Yes, by this time next week I'll probably be sick of the cold and the wind but, for now, I'm going to make the post of it and take as many photos of the leaves as they slowly change colour as I can. Something I've been enjoying during Autumn is wearing nail polishes that I might wear during other seasons, such as...

  • Orange: Because why match your nails to your shoes when you can match your nails to leaves or a pumpkin? Gone are the days when I'd (very strongly) agree with Sharpay's "If you own any orange, get rid of it" mantra. 
  • Blue: This is one of my all time favourite nail polishes and one I have on my nails more often than not. It's just such a pretty colour and one I know I'll be getting a lot of wear out of over the next few months.
  • Dark Burgundy: As well as matching my nails to my shoes and food (joke), I also like to match my nails to my lips. This is something I do season after season and, when you wear a lot of monochrome colours, it's something people tend to notice. I'll of course be sporting my trusty NARS Cruella lip pencil, something I know everyone loves, so it's time to dig out the matching nail polish.
  • Glitter Blue: If it's Autumn, then it's almost Winter and if it's almost Winter then it's almost Christmas and if it's almost Christmas that can only mean one thing: GLITTER *takes massive breath and actually reaches for inhaler out of excitement*. Christmas means the world and his wife bringing out the glitter, but I like to get it out that little bit early, both because I just love glitter and to remind myself what a pain it is to get off so to just keep painting over the top until January, at which point you have to admit defeat and your situation mirrors that of the blogger who peeled off 100 layers of nail polish.
  • Yellow: While I have always been a fan of a pastel yellow, I used to avoid all other shades like the plague, but I've grown to love it in nail varnish form. Just remind me not to wear this when wearing mostly black as I'd rather not look like a bumble bee.

What are your go to Autumn nail polishes?
Let me know in the comments below!