Friday, 28 February 2014

My Spring LookBook

I've loved looking at other people's lookbooks for a long time now. Whether they be clothes, make up, hairstyles, I've been hooked since day one. Considering how much I love looking through or watching them, I decided it was about time that I gave one a go. I wanted to do a video but considering my editing skills are non-existent and I haven't really had time to learn recently. Oh, and my confidence is almost as none existent as my editing skills. Barbara Palvin I am not. I decided there was something about photos that seemed a little less scary than a video.

I have a good camera, a whole wardrobe full of clothes and love putting outfits together so what could possibly go wrong? Answer; everything. Yes, that's very pessimistic of me, I know, but for some reason I was lacking inspiration and felt that every outfit I put together just didn't look right. Not only that, but none of the pictures came out how I'd imagined and the weather clearly wasn't on our side. 

We took the photos on what started of as a lovely, sunny, warm day that slowly got greyer and windier up until the point that we had to go inside. We figured that at this point, it wouldn't matter. We'd been taking photos for over two hours and I'd made multiple outfit changes so we had a quick look through the pictures and I was very disappointed though tried not to show it. 

I had another look through today and decided they weren't as bad as I'd previously thought (though still not how I'd imagined) but, after being assured that they were fine, I edited them down from one hundred and fifty-something to the ones you will see in this post! 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Topshop Playsuits, Jumpsuits and Pyjama wear.

We are officially nearing the half-way point of February, and with that are coming the first signs of Spring (in Spain anyway!); the almond blossom is blooming, days are getting longer and my legs are itching to come out! Okay, that last one might be a bit of an exaggeration and probably isn't a sign that Spring is on it's way for most, but I am 100% ready to wear amazing outfits without shivering to the bone and being petrified that I am going to get pneumonia. Admittedly, I am probably going to have to do a rather a lot of sunbathing in the comfort of my own home to get a bit of a tan before getting my legs out, as my paleness might just blind people. So, if winter could please hurry up and leave, I'd be really greatful. I am officially counting down the days before I can put my winter coat away and leave the house without wearing 5 layers. Yes, I live in the Costa del Sol so probably don't have as much right to complain about the cold as many other people, but I am British and complaining is what we do best. 

I think it's fair to say that I have spent most of the past few Winter months spending endless hours on fashion blogs, websites and online clothes stores, searching for some key pieces to add to my wardrobe in time for warmer weather. Surprise, surprise, a few of my favourite pieces were from Topshop! Well, I saw a few but it's basically each and everyone of their playsuits, jumpsuits and everyday pyjama-style wear. The only things stopping me from buying something are a.) I'd never be able to narrow it down to one choice and b.) if I bought one, I know I'd never be able to stop myself from buying more. Willpower at it's finest.