Friday, 28 February 2014

My Spring LookBook

I've loved looking at other people's lookbooks for a long time now. Whether they be clothes, make up, hairstyles, I've been hooked since day one. Considering how much I love looking through or watching them, I decided it was about time that I gave one a go. I wanted to do a video but considering my editing skills are non-existent and I haven't really had time to learn recently. Oh, and my confidence is almost as none existent as my editing skills. Barbara Palvin I am not. I decided there was something about photos that seemed a little less scary than a video.

I have a good camera, a whole wardrobe full of clothes and love putting outfits together so what could possibly go wrong? Answer; everything. Yes, that's very pessimistic of me, I know, but for some reason I was lacking inspiration and felt that every outfit I put together just didn't look right. Not only that, but none of the pictures came out how I'd imagined and the weather clearly wasn't on our side. 

We took the photos on what started of as a lovely, sunny, warm day that slowly got greyer and windier up until the point that we had to go inside. We figured that at this point, it wouldn't matter. We'd been taking photos for over two hours and I'd made multiple outfit changes so we had a quick look through the pictures and I was very disappointed though tried not to show it. 

I had another look through today and decided they weren't as bad as I'd previously thought (though still not how I'd imagined) but, after being assured that they were fine, I edited them down from one hundred and fifty-something to the ones you will see in this post! 

It's official: I wear too much black and white but then again, don't we all?! With the arrival of Spring, I'm determined to add in a bit more colour to my wardrobe which is something I've tried to incorporate into this blog post, as seen in the two photos below! A simple black and white outfit with a hot pink blazer and some orange nails. Just enough colour without being over the top. I've been loving printed leggings/trousers recently too!

I am wearing:
printed leggings from Stradivarius, studded sandals from Primark, a pink blazer from Per Una (stolen from my Mam!), a pink necklace which was a present and a slogan t-shirt from H&M

Keeping to my "brighter" colour theme whilst sticking to what I know and love. So far, so good. Something I'm loving for spring time is capes or, in this case, blazers or thinner coats worn as capes! They're just enough to keep away that slight chill that's in the air without making you feel a bit sticky in the heat. I'd like to state the obvious here and point out that, yes, I am wearing two different blazers in these pictures; one to demonstrate the look of a cape and also a three quarter length one which is perfect for Spring!

I am wearing: Jeweled Peter Pan collar top from Bershka, cropped jeans from Sfera, a three quarter length blazer from H&M, a blazer worn as a cape from Monsoon, a bag from Primark and sandals from Bershka

Yes, I own two pairs of trousers that are a similar colour but no matter how many times I am told I don't them both, I will insist that I do. One pair is cropped, the other isn't. What am I supposed to do on the days that it's just a bit too chilly to be showing my ankles?! The jeans I'm wearing in the pictures below are both slightly brighter and skinnier too, so really they're completely different. Oh god, I'm turning into Miranda from The Devil Wears Prada.

My entire outfit is from Stradivarius, other than my bag, which is from Primark, and my shoes, which are from Bershka

I love wearing dresses. Despite people thinking that they're only really suitable Summer wear, or maybe Spring at a push, I personally think they can be worn all year round! Whether you layer one up with some tights and a big slouchy cardigan, or simply pair it with a denim jacket or blazer, you're good to go! Admittedly most of my dresses are black and white, but I added a pop of colour with my Cambridge bag! I think this is a good time to point out that I should probably try and get a bit of a tan before attempting to wear this dress again. My skin is getting paler and my hair is only getting darker. HELP.

I am wearing: Dress from H&M, a denim jacket from Stradivarius, sandals from Primark and a Cambridge bag.

I'm not sure I'm a hat person. I'd like to think I am, and I really wish I was, but I'm really don't think I am. I'm just going to hold out hope that I just haven't found the right hat yet. Admittedly, that hasn't stopped me wearing a hat in the next few photos, but I can dream! As well as incorporating a hat into my next outfit, I'm also wearing a crop top. I'm not normally brave enough to pull one off without high-waisted shorts or a vest top underneath but I figured that, if it was hot, then why the heck shouldn't I?! I probably need to hit the gym and the fake tan before doing so though...

I am wearing: Skull print crop top from H&M (I think I need to take up running again...), jeans from Primark, sandals from Primark and a hat from a donkey sanctuary somewhere in Antequera. 

Please don't laugh at that last bit. I promise you that I'm not joking, haha! That probably explains why it doesn't suit me and it was clearly meant for a rather large Spanish man with a much bigger head than me, but still!

How to look absolutely miserable without even trying; a novel by me! God know's why I look so sad. It probably had something to do with the sun going in and realising how brown my once white converse now are. Oh well, at least I'm sticking to adding in a splash of colour with this cardigan (another steal from my Mam).

I am wearing: Plain white t-shirt (Don't worry, I'm not some sort of of Plain White T's tribute band! - okay, sorry, that was bad) and jeans from Primark, a thin, pink cardigan from Monsoon and Converse.

I love the jumper I'm wearing in the following photos! If you're a regular reader of my blog, you will have seen it in a few posts now. It's a perfect all season wear. Having only had it about five months, I've only ever really had a chance to wear it any time other than late Autumn and also Winter. In the cold weather that we've had recently, I've been layering it up with a denim shirt underneath and a big thick scarf, but I also love how it looks with some cropped jeans or shorts with a vest top throw underneath!

I am wearing: Star print jumper from Stradivarius, jeans and sandals from Primark and a grey vest top from Pull & Bear

"Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking" Very stereotypical of me, I know, but what can I say?! These jeans are absolutely perfect for Spring and I'm yet to see another person wearing them! They can easily transformed from day to night wear but, as you can see, I've gone for a more casual approach.

I am wearing: Top and jeans, both from H&M, sandals from Primark

I love this black and white spotty dress! I bought it in the sale in Zara about two years ago and I am obsessed with it. It must have been quite long on me when I first bought it considering it is now the perfect length. Unfortunately not seen in these photos is the lace detail. The hem-line is lace, as are the shoulders and part of the back. I added a cardigan with it, as it isn't quite warm enough to be out in both bare legs and bare arms yet!

I am wearing: Dress from Zara, bag from Primark, Cardigan from Stradivarius and sandals from Bershka

OK, I think it's safe to say that I failed on the whole 'splash of colour' thing in my final outfit, but I'm ever so slightly in love with this outfit, so I'm more than happy to forgive myself and to break my own rules. It had got ever slightly windy at this point, and both my hair and my skirt were flying everywhere! Cue me trying to hold my skirt down and my hair, which already needed a good sort out, down.

I am wearing: Leather skirt from Stradivarius, sandals from Primark and a cropped blouse from Bershka

I do apoligise for the state of my hair in these photos. I am in desperate need of going to the hairdressers as my hair has really weakened recently and has also started to go brown... After 17 years of being blonde, I am not ready for this change. Come back blonde hair!