Sunday, 8 September 2013

A fun day with my loves. ❤

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. I most definitely am, although considering I haven't gone back to college yet, I guess everyday is a weekend for me! Saturday was spent with Saoirse  and Alba. We started the day watching youtube videos, one of which included Tyler Oakley and Marcus Butler playing twister. We started talking about how much fun we used to have playing it as a child so we decided to play! Thankfully, Saoirse had kept hers from many years previously. We started playing all together, with Saoirse failing miserably and falling within the first few rounds. Alba and I managed to hang on for quite a bit longer until we both fell to the floor at the same time!  

Saoirse and Alba played next, followed by myself and Saoirse.  At this point, we were all a bit tired and achey (me more so than the others!) so headed upstairs to lounge around, although not before Alba told me to stop "bumming her in the face"! We ended up playing another game. I don't think this one had a name but it's where you pick a subject, such as animals, write it down on a piece of paper and pass it to the person next to you. That person then has to stick it on their head and guess what they are by asking a series of questions. We've playing this game together quite a few times, and a few memories stand out, including Alba thinking that a skunk lived in water and another friend of ours referring to Hermione Granger as "Ermion Range".

After this we all went our seperate ways. Once home, I wrote a few posts that are currently in the queue and waiting to go up! That evening, my Mam, Alba, her Mam, Saoirse's Mam and myself went out for a meal (Saoirse joined us later on). A few highlights include:

-All of our Mam's holding their phones at arms length as they tried to see what was happening in the World via Facebook and text, leaving Alba and I to have a proper conversation (and they call us the unsociable ones!)
-Susan saying "And then I almost whitey-ed!" causing me to promptly spit out my drink. No one else seemed to get it and they were all quite upset that the meaning to that changed a long time ago! Apparently it means that you begin to feel like you are going to faint and just need to sit down, who knew?! Or am I being completely inappropriate?
- My favourite moment of the night though were our parents fangirling over Antonio Banderas! He'd been on a British TV show that morning and they spent at least twenty minutes going over the fine details of the show and talking about how gorgeous he looked. Alba and I were slightly shocked to hear them talking about him in a way that we talk about Jack and Finn Harries, Daniel Howell, Zac Efron, Ryan Reynolds, etc.

Saoirse had joined us by this point, so we decided to leave our parents to have a few more drinks (and maybe fangirl some more?) and ventured out to the small park that was just next door to the Tapas bar that we were eating at. I'd told Alba and Saoirse about my blog so we decided to do a OOTD post! I've been planning on doing one for a while now and will hopefully be doing some more in the future, so figured that this would be a perfect time to get started. Unfortunately, nights are drawing in and we hadn't realised how dark it was at this point! So, we had to settle for a measly orange glow from the street lamps and the flash from my camera which, let's be honest, is never flattering! I haven't had time to properly edit them but I've made them a little bit lighter.

I am wearing:

-Black and white dress, H&M; 9,99€. This is a very recent purchase! My Aunt spotted it in the shop and fell in love with it before making me try it on. Once she saw me in it, she practically ripped it off of me before exclaiming that I was having it whether I liked it or not because it suited me so much! It is incredibly flattering , with vertical stripes on the top half and horizontal ones at the bottom. Unfortunately, this photo doesn't really show off the shape of it, but in person you really do notice it.

-Blazer, H&M: 29,99€. This blazer is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. It's about two years old now though, and as I've grown quite a lot since then and continue to do so, it's getting a bit too small on me now. I'm in denial though so I'm refusing to sell it/give it away! It's not your typical blazer as it is long at the front and then short round the back. 

-Shoes, Primark, 4,99€. I've worn these shoes so much over the Summer! They were a very early birthday present from one of my best friends and I've barely taken them off since I got them at the beginning of June. They are a khaky green colour with silver spikes on them. They are actually quite well made and even made it through the wear and tear of T in the Park. The only complaint I have is that the souls are very thin, so spending too much time in them can be incredibly painful.

-Bag, Primark; 3,99€. This bag is the perfect size as it's just big enough to hold in all my essentials (purse, camera, phone, iPod, lip balm, keys, etc). There's also three different pockets which makes it easier to access things. 

-Jewellery. I am wearing a black, leather pandora bracelet, my T in the Park bracelet, my silver Calipso watch which I use for everyday wear, (leaving my white leather D&G one for special occasions), and then multiple friendship and beaded bracelets that I have aquired over the years on numerous holidays and special occassions. I'm also wearing a silver ring and pearl earrings. 

Alba is wearing: 

-Shoes, Primark; 11€.     -Jeans, C&A; 3€ (!!!)   -Top, Zara; 9,99€    

-Cardigan, Mango; 19,99€                     -Coat, Stradivarius; 19,99€ 

 -Earrings, Swarovski; 59,99€. You can't see these in the photos, but are a pair of light pink hearts. I actually own a similar necklace version!

-Necklace, a trinket shop in Scotland, 14,99€. Alba's family are originally from Scotland and on a recent trip there she bought this necklace. It is a silver locket and the ribbon is green and purple tartan. 

Saoirse is wearing: 

-Leggings, Lipsy; 4,99€
-Converse; 29,99€
-Top, Stradivarius; 17,99€
-Belt, H&M; 1,99€
-Necklaces; The owl one is from Bershka (7€) and the glasses one is from Bijou Brigette (4,99€)
-Earrings, Funky Fish; 2,99€.  Thanks to Saoirse's continuous giggling as we were trying to take this photo, you can't really see them that well (they're cats)

I'd say that today was the first day that showed that Autumn is coming soon and that definitely comes through in our outfits as we are all dressed in monochrome colours! Although admitedly, half of my clothes are monochrome colours which I tend to do up with coloured accessories or shoes!

I was planning on having a lazy Sunday and just watching some films, but I suddenly realised that I have quite a bit to do... I'm sure it'll be one of those days where I continue to think about how much I have to do and then not get round to doing any of it! What I SHOULD be doing is preparing for a beach day tomorrow, getting dance costumes bought and sorted and slowly start getting ready for the dreaded return back to college, all while writing and queuing some more blog posts. This will no doubt turn into starting a new TV series, watching Youtube videos and spending endless hours reblogging stuff on Tumblr. 

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely Sunday and final few days of Summer if you haven't gone back already! Be sure to let me know what you got up to in the comments below.