Monday, 19 January 2015

Best Dressed Males - 2014.

A few days ago, I shared with you my picks of the best dressed females of 2014. It's been really interesting to read your comments. Now it's time for my best dressed males, something that is definitely going to brighten up your Thursday. This post is basically an excuse to swoon over some of the dreamiest of the dreamiest and I am definitely not sorry.

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  • David Beckham: I've come to the conclusion that David Beckham is one of, if not the, fittest man on the planet. FACT. This unfortunately makes Victoria Beckham the luckiest woman and not me. Too young for David, too old for Brooklyn. Utterly life ruining.
  • Harry Styles: Someone who is more age appropriate though is Harry Styles. As someone who once cried when they came on TV and in fact owns signed One Direction CDs and books, I highly doubt my crush on him will ever die. I am slightly envious of his legs though.
  • Nickelson Wooster: Ah, the man that no one seems to be talking about! This is the man that David Beckham gets his style inspiration from. Why don't more people know about him?! If my future husband doesn't dress like him, then I'll be asking for a divorce. The tattoos are also a bonus.
  • Reggie Yates: I'm sure there are many of you who aren't too sure on who Reggie is. He used to present The Voice and a show on BBC Radio 1, and is now the host of TOTP, as well as doing some stuff in fashion. I'd really like him to come back on to the scene though, as I'm sure you'll understand why from the photos I've included below.
  • Tinie Tempah: Tinie could just take the prize for best dressed male. This man knows how to wear a suit. Seen on the front row of most fashion shows, it's not hard to understand why GQ magazine are constantly featuring him in best dressed lists, though mine is more important, obviously...

Who was your best dressed male of 2014?
Let me know in the comments below!