Monday, 5 January 2015

Christmas Presents.

This is my final blog post before I go back to college, sob. I'm just not ready for the stress of it all. I want to stay at home and continue eating vast amounts of Quality Streets. As I'm not quite ready to let go of Christmas, I'm going to share my presents with you!

We actually celebrated Christmas Eve on Christmas Day and Christmas Day on Boxing Day, as we had family flying out on Boxing Day. Believe me, I wasn't happy about it. Eighteen years of tradition and now we were going to break it?! No matter how much I whined and complained and called everyone Scrooge, they just wouldn't budge. We still had a lovely day, so lovely in fact that I now feel rather bad about sulking so much. You'd never guess I was 18.
  • My first few presents were from KIKO. I received a Velvet Mat satin lipstick in the shade 604 Bright Orange, a nail varnish in the shade 303 Beige Chrome and an eyeshadow in the shade 130 Pearly Salmon. They go so well together and, though they may be suited to more of a summery look, that hasn't stopped me wearing them all the time.
  • Next was an eyeshadow palette and a doubled sided eyeliner and eyeshadow pen, both from the Spanish brand, Deliplus. Though the eyeliner has a thick tip, you can still easily apply a thin line, and the eyeshadow palette is very similar to the Urban Decay Naked palettes, just for a fraction of the price. 

  • My love for make-up definitely grew in 2014 and this is very much reflected in some of the gifts I received. One of my main presents from my Mam were the Real Techniques limited edition Nic's Picks brushes. I won't go into too much detail as I am thinking of doing a review, but if you love all things beauty, then you definitely to get your hands on these.
  • Despite arriving a day late, Julia and Jed definitely went all out this Christmas. Not only did they buy me so many incredible presents and give me money, but they are also hopefully taking me skiing in February, or at least to the Sierra Nevada. They got me chocolate buttons, bath fizzers (not available online), a no7 nail varnish in the shade Duck Egg Blue (limited edition), a Christmas lipgloss (I adore the colour! Not available online), a box of biscuits, a make-up bag and some more make-up brushes! I love both these and the Real Techniques ones, and I use them all! You can clearly never have too many make-up brushes. The eyeshadow ones are especially handy.

  • Amita only went and got me a Chanel book. We'd asked each other what we wanted and clearly, in this friendship, you receive what you want! She also surprised me with a lipgloss from Tanya Burr's collection. It's in the shade Smile, Dream, Sparkle. I love the colour, but the smell is something else! It honestly smells so nice.
Hello, me, in the background

  • Another friend, Meg, also bought me a fashion book that I'd been been lusting after: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Influence. I haven't had time to read the Chanel book yet, but, as I received this one beforehand, I have read this one. I adore it! Definitely every fashion lovers dream. It's so informative. Even if you don't like the Olsen twins, you'll still love this.
  • The girls at my dance class gave me a scarf which, with the sudden drop in temperature, will definitely come in handy! A whole section of my wardrobe (which is, uh, rather large) happens to be dedicated to scarves. With my collection still growing, I think it's time I found some more space.
  • It just wouldn't be Christmas without new pyjamas and fluffy socks, would it?! At 5'10" (and still growing), I find it hard to find trousers that fit. Most of my pyjamas now only come down to half way up my shins, so new pyjamas were definitely a necessity, as were the socks. My Mam also got me a fluffy jumper which, despite my reaction may not have been exactly how my Mam had imagined it, I have grown to love. I may look like a bear when I wear it, but it's probably the warmest thing I own. Can I wear it to work? Probably not. I'm afraid none of these are available online, but they're from Dunnes. I was actually wearing these when I took the other photos and only just remembered to take some of them, so I apologise for the darkness of the photos.

  • Quality Street have always been a Christmas tradition in my house, I've known nothing else - no Roses, no Heroes, only Quality Street, Unfortunately, that memo hasn't quite hit Spain yet and, as my sister decided not to come out for Christmas this year, we were Quality Street-less and I was devestated. Well, until my Mam travelled an hour and a half away just to get me some for Christmas.
  • My final present (that I have to show you!) is from three of my best friends. I think everyone knows the love I have for Kanye West, if you don't - where have you been?! Anyway, Saoirse, Alba and Noelia only went and bought me a bloody Yeezus top! We haven't officially exchanged gifts yet, but I know what it is and I could not be more excited. Now all I'm missing is a pair of leather leggings and  pair of Balenciaga boots. One day.

I also received a leather jacket (it hasn't arrived yet), my friends and I are yet to have our Christmas party and exchange secret Santa gifts, and gifts from my sister haven't arrived yet. My Dad gave me some money, which I'm going to use to go on holiday with friends, hopefully to London and Paris. I don't mind that some of my presents haven't arrived, it just prolongs Christmas!

 What did you get for Christmas?
Let me know in the comments below!