Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Cultural Appropriation.*

Cultural appropriate. It's a bit of a tricky topic, isn't it? Not really one you'd typically find on my blog,  I know, but it's one that I happen to talk about quite a lot in day to day life. Admittedly, those conversations tend to lead to arguments as no one can agree to disagree and people feel so strongly about the subject. Is it okay to wear bindis? Or how about Indian headdresses? I think there is a final line between demoralising someone's culture and respecting it.  

In my opinion (yes, I went there), people that wear a bindi, an indian headdress or anything else like that aren't trying to offend anyone. I would agree that there is a time and a place to wear these things but, is it really such a big deal to wear them to a festival or a fancy dress party? I'd say no. I've found that anyone who has ever worn anything like that has worn it because the appreciate the culture so much and want to know more about it or visit the country it originates from, not people they're wanting to make fun of the culture. 

If I'm honest, the only people I've ever seen complain about this issue are people who have no right to complain on the matter and, by that, I mean people who wouldn't wear such items in day to day life. They claim it to be "disrespectful", but do they really have any right to comment on the matter? I have friends who wear bindis or have the option to wear one who honestly do not mind if other people wear them, as long as they're being respectful and not demoralising the culture.

People nowadays will pick at anything and start an argument about everything. Considering it is currently 2015, a year in which so much has changed (for the better), due to us battling for equality. It seems that, the closer we get to equality in one thing, the further back we go in another. How can we achieve equality if we continue to marginalise each other? 

I was recently rewatching some of Lily Pebbles' vlogs and in one of them, she attended a New Year's Eve party, which had a Mexican theme. It included sombreros, guacamole, fajitas and more, and the hate she received in the comments was ridiculous! As she mentioned in the following vlog, she meant no harm. Lily and her friends were simply appreciating and celebrating the culture.

We're continuously dismissing the use of bindis or headdresses, but what about the statue of Buddha, a common feature in many homes? Or buying clogs when in the Netherlands? I could go on and on, the list is endless; dreadlocks, kimonos, cowboy hats, different tattoos... So many "trends" worn by so many people, yet no one bats an eyelid, so why should we make such a fuss over other things?

As long as you're properly educated on the matter and the history of the item you're wearing, then I don't see the problem. And just remember, this argument could be applied to a lot of things.

Yes, there were some personal opinions in this post. You might not agree with them, but let's try and keep the comments a friendly place, eh? I'd love to hear what you all think on the matter though, and exactly why you feel that way. 

So, now it's over to you. How do you feel about this?
Let me know in the comments below!

*Though this post was sponsored by Novum Crafts, all opinions are my own and this is a subject I feel strongly on. I hope I haven't offended anyone!*