Thursday, 10 December 2015

Winter Nail Polish Picks.

Two months ago, I posted my Autumn nail varnish picks and it's safe to say that they were definitely the nail varnishes I wore most throughout the Autumn months, especially the electric blue colour. Autumn is now gone and we're firmly into Winter which, fashion and beauty wise, is probably one of my favourite seasons. I tried to get it down to just five, like I did with my Autumn picks, but it was impossible, so this post could be a long one. Oh, and expect to see a lot of KIKO in there...

  • White, Cynthia Rowely: I don't know whether it's something to do with the weather or the simplicity of it, but I've recently been loving white nail varnish and find it to be the perfect pick for Winter. It also reminds me of snow which, so far, we haven't had any of yet.
  • Forget Me Not Blue, Topshop: As I mentioned in my Autumn nail picks post, I find bright colours to me best for Autumn (and Summer) and pastels for Winter (and Spring), which is probably why I've recently been loving this blue colour so much. There's something about it that immediately makes me think of cold weather, which is a perfect fit for the U.K.
  • Rocker, MAC: I don't actually own many nail varnishes from MAC. In fact, I don't really own anything from MAC - maybe two, three products. This nail polish really does live up to it's name and immediately makes you think 'rock chick', which is always good, as I find that all 'rock chick' nail varnishes work well in the Winter.
  • KIKO: I tried to cut them down, I really did... but I still ended up with seven, which is more than I originally wanted to include in the post to begin with. They're just too damn pretty. Some of my favourites include: 238 Martha Red (nothing says Christmas quite like red), 303 Beige Chrome (there's no such thing as too much glitter at Christmas), 522 Pearly Sapphire Blue (Glitter. Midnight. Christmas. It's self explanatory really), 372 Nude (sometime it's nice to throw on the most glittery dress in your wardrobe and tone it down a bit with a subtle nail varnish), 364 (it's basically the colour of cranberry sauce), 243 Plum Red (berry lips, berry eyeshadow, berry nails. Need I say more?) and 816 Taupe Brown (I'd say it's more of a grey, a word used mostly to describe the dull English weather).

What colours will you be wearing during the Winter months?
Let me know in the comments below!