Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Winter Essentials.

I love Winter. I've always love Winter. It's probably down to the fact I don't spend much time outside and most of it inside, in my pyjamas, under a warm, cosy blanket in front of the fire. There's also Christmas, parties and don't even get me started on the make-up. It's glitter galore. Of course, other than the glittery eyeshadow and nail varnish, you also need something to hide the Rudolph nose and the dry skin, so here are my Winter essentials that will help you through the colder months...

  • Red Lipstick and Gold Eyeshadow: Also known as, the make-up look everyone wears during Winter, especially at Christmas. It doesn't really get much more festival than red and gold does it? It's definitely what I'll be wearing to all the Christmas parties and festivities currently in my diary. It's just a classic look that will never go out of style. My favourite eyeshadow is Honey Lust from MAC and lipstick 908 True Red from KIKO.
  • Moisturiser and Lip Balm: Everyone's skin suffer during the Winter months, mainly due to the sudden change in temperature and cold weather. The snow, rain and wind probably don't help either - so it's important that we take care of our body and face in any way possible. I'm talking face moisturiser, body lotion, lip balm... the works. My favourite moisturiser is Clarins Hydra Quench Cream Moisturiser, body lotion DKNY Be Delicious and lip balm either good, old vaseline or one from The Body Shop, preferably raspberry or strawberry.
  • Blusher: This is one that I tend to avoid, yet all my friends seem to obsess over. I guess blusher and Winter do go hand in hand, just not for me. I go pretty red when embarrassed anyway, which really doesn't take much at all, but also when I'm out in the cold. Think Rudolph but not as cute and Santa doesn't come and feed me my favourite snack. When I do use one, my favourite is the blusher in the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette.
(I smashed my Urban Decay bronzer sob sob sob)
  • Matte Foundation: The bronzed, summer, beach babe look is not one typically worn during colder months. You might want to wear highlighter, probably because the more glitter and sparkle, the better, but bronzer is a bit of a no. People aim for the mattest look possible, from matte foundation to concealer to a heck of a lot of powder. My favourite matte foundation is Matte Mousse Foundation from KIKO, which comes in a whopping 14 different shades.
  • Face Powder and Eye Primer: As mentioned above, people tended to go for a matte look during the Winter, using as much powder as they can get away with. I've recently been using Rimmel Stay Matte powder, which I actually find to be a bit too cakey, so recommendations are extremely welcome. I also like to dab some powder over my lipstick to make sure it lasts the night and doesn't come off when eating or drinking. I find eye primer to be an important beauty product, just to lock those glitter eyeshadows in place and to prevent any fall down. I currently have my eye on Benefit's Stay, Don' Stray.
  • Candles: One of the things I love doing during the Winter months is curling up in front of the fire, wrapping in a blanket, watching films. It just makes me feel so warm and cosy. I find that candles make the place even cosier and make me feel extremely relaxed. I have candles lit all year round but, during the Winter, it's nice to go with a festive smelling candle. Yankee Candle are the obvious choice (Vanilla Bourbon? Yes, please. Christmas Cookie? I'll take it), but IKEA also offer a great range.
  • Holiday Magazines: As much as I love Winter, I can't stand being cold. I get angry (think hangry, but caused my the cold) and grumpy, so I always make sure to wrap up extra warm, in front of the fire, reading holiday magazines and planning my next getaway. I love nothing more than reading about Bali, Australia, Hawaii, L.A... anywhere that doesn't have a winter really, or that has opposite seasons. Travel guides, like the ones from Lonely Planet or Rough Guide, work well too.
  • Updos: Hair sticking to my lipgloss? No, thanks. Wind in my face, preventing me from seeing? I'll pass, and I'm sure many of you will be too. I think we can all agree just how annoying long hair can be in the Winter, but none of us can bring ourselves to good it because we like our hair but also because it actually keeps us warm. I tend to go for braided updos or high ponytails, just to keep my hair out of my face.
  • Christmas Jumpers: I couldn't do a Winter Essentials and include Christmas jumpers. Sitting with your family, arguing over the Quality Street and watching ELF (the best Christmas film of all time) in your Christmas jumper is a bit of a Christmas tradition, isn't it? Primark, H&M, Forever 21... There's something for everyone! I'll be looking for one with a stocking you can use, flashing lights, jingling bells, everything.
What are your Winter essentials?
Let me know in the comments below!