Thursday, 12 November 2015

A Work-Out Haul.

Work-out? That's something that, up until recently, I hadn't done in about three years. God only knows how I wasn't the size of a small country considering the amount of food I ate (and still eat). The difference? I know work out on a DAILY BASIS, hence the new gear. 
  • Crop top, Stradivarius, 1.99€: Crop tops and I don't exactly go hand in hand. I would rather show off my legs than my stomach but I'm slowly becoming more confident, probably due to me trying to "tone up".
  • Leggings, Decathlon, 9.95€: My previous work-out gear consisted in an everyday t-shirt and normal leggings, leggings that I'd later wear shopping, out with friends and even on nights out sometimes, so I figured it was time to purchase some proper work-out leggings. Despite being black, they're actually quid cool, though they also somehow keep you warm at the same time.
  • Water bottle, Decathlon, 6.95€: I'm one of those annoying people that drinks a lot of water. You know that post on Tumblr that says "Drink water, eat your vegetables and wear red lipstick"? Yeah, I live by that. The human race as a whole uses to much plastic, so reusable bottles are a definite must.
  • Dress, Stradivarius, 12.95€: It's not all work-out gear, don't worry. I can't seem to go into Stradivarius without working out with one (maybe more) items of clothing or a few pieces of jewellery. I've had my eye on this dress for a while so, while in there recently, I couldn't resist trying it on. I immediately loved it even more and was very happy to see that my work-outs have clearly been paying off as I fit into an S! This dress is also available in other colours and patterns so will have to head back for more. 
This wasn't the photo I was originally going to include but shoutout to my dog for judging me and considering me to be so boring that she had to yawn
I'm excited to continue working out, and that really is something that I never thought I'd say. This might even mean more posts on my work-outs in the near future.

Have you bought anything nice recently?
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