Sunday, 8 November 2015

Memory Box #1.

I'm a extremely sentimental person. I struggle to throw away anything and want to keep everything. Don't believe me? Just before I moved, I decided to have a clear out. I wanted to throw away quite a lot, including school/college work that I obviously wouldn't be needing anymore and a box of hairbobbles, most of which had started to split. Two months on and both of those things are currently sat at the end of my bed at home. I decided the college work held too many memories (and sleepless nights) to get rid of and that it would mean saying goodbye to a massive chapter of my life. The bobbles I couldn't explain, but for some reason; I just had to keep them. Ridiculous, I know.

Now that you know all of that, it's probably no surprise that I have two memory boxes and will no doubt acquire more. There's nothing I love more than a trip down memory lane, so I thought I'd share some of my favourites things from them with you. Let's have a look...

  • Travel: Train tickets, boarding passes, entrance packages, leaflets, booklets... These are the main items you will find in my boxes, as I like to save anything and everything from my travels. As I hope to do a lot more travelling this year, there will no doubt be more going in there. I think I'm going to need another box!

  • Dance Costumes and Bracelets: I did hip hop, contemporary and traditional flamenco dancing for quite a few years and still have all of my costumes, costumes that I hope to pass on to my own children one day. I obviously can't keep six or seven tutus in these boxes (they're safe in my Mam's wardrobe) but there are a few bits and pieces from my dance years in here, like the turquoise bow and the Harry Potter glasses (they might have been a mistake). Also pictured are multiple bracelets that I've acquired over the years, all of which trigger a memory or were for charity, and my 18th birthday candles. The 19 ones are about to join them!

  • School: So, you know how when people finish school, they usually can't wait to get rid of all of their stuff? Yeah, I'm not like that. I still have the pencil they gave me at infant school and the first pen that we were allowed to write with, both of which have my name on. There's also my first ever scrunchie (it was the 90's, okay?) and some of my school badges. I was on many teams, the team forum, did office duty and was also a buddy. 

  • Signed CDs: One Direction and John Cena probably couldn't be further apart. If, like me, you grew up with a older brother, then you were probably into wrestling. We used to watch it every Saturday morning with our cereal (I even made signs), we went to shows and we even had a lot of merchandise, lovingly purchased by my brother. I doubt he still has any of it, but one thing I do have is a signed John Cena CD after my brother went to meet him. My parents wouldn't let me go and I'm still devastated. The One Direction CD is much more recent, though still from about four years ago, I think. This is from when I was going through my major fangirl stage and cried when they performed Gotta Be You on The X Factor. Judge me, please. (P.S - Louis Tomlinson follows me on Twitter. It was probably my greatest achievement to date at the time)

  • Memory Box: A memory itself is one of the actual boxes. It's covered in photos that were included in a calendar that my friend got me one Christmas. The "Kate's memories" is also from that. Clearly 12 year old me loved quotes just as much as 19 year old me does.

  • Cards: Birthday, Christmas, thank-you, invitations, valentines... You name it, I have it saved in here.

  • School Projects: As mentioned before, I've kept a lot of stuff from school, mainly from high school but also from juniors and college. The two featured below were both made in my early years of high school. The calendar is a personal favourite and was clearly made at the height of my One Direction fangirl career, as I included all of their birthdays in there. What my teacher though, I don't know. The memory book was made in English class when a substitute teacher left. We basically had to all write messages to each other. 

Do any of you have memory boxes?
Please tell me you also struggle to get rid of things!
Let me know in the comments below!