Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Exploring Sydney & Meeting Ryan Gosling.

I could have included the Royal family, Rebel Wilson, Brad Pitt, Harold from Neighbours and many other celebrities in the title of this post, but the babe that is Ryan Gosling just holds a special place in my heart, and me including his name definitely wasn't clickbait... Taking a photo with a waxwork figure of someone at Madame Tussauds still counts as meeting them, right?? As well as visiting Madame Tussauds, we also visited other tourist attractions such as two different aquariums (which I liked), the zoo (which I hated and was awful) and, my personal favourite, the Sky Tower, where we were treated to a 4D cinema experience before visiting the tower itself, with 360ยบ views of the city. We also visited Hyde Park (I swear everywhere in Australia is just named after places in England. #ORIGINALITY), the ANZAC Museum, which was incredibly moving, St Mary's cathedral, where we got to witness the joy and randomness that is Christmas in July, Cadmans Cottage (the oldest building in Sydney), and quite a few museums, my favourite thing to do when visiting a new place. My favourite was the Powerhouse museum, mainly because I'm a geek who loves anything and everything to do with Science. Who else would take a photo with a giant periodic table just because she knows it off by heart (I'm still proud of that)? They also had a fashion exhibition on at the time, meaning they were combining my two favourite things: fashion and science. It was so fascinating to find out all about Isabella Blow's work and the years she spent mentoring Alexander McQueen, even if it did come to a tragic end. 

Have any of you ever been to Sydney?
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