Tuesday, 13 September 2016

You're Taking WHAT?!

It's official: I am all packed up and off to university. Yep, this time next week I will be moving into my halls of residance, ready to start my Forensic Science and Criminology course. Though I do have two weeks of Freshers to look forward to first... Admittedly I should now be entering my third year of university, but have been putting it off to cuddle koalas and find monkeys in tropical rainforests, and it was worth every second. I was going to defer my offer for yet another year, but chose not to for fear of giving my family a heart attack. I spent the last month back at my family home in Spain, packing up suitcase after suitcase, and was amazed at just how much stuff I had packed that wasn't clothes. I want my room to feel homelike, so made sure to pack some special pieces from my room...

  • World Map: It looks like I won't be going on any major trips for a while so I'm going to take this to remind me of my travels.I'm going to pin photos, plane tickets, etc. to each place that I visited (cliche of me, I know). 
  • K Letter, Wall Art and Coaster: Despite always finding it weird when people call me by my actual name, I seem to have an obsession with the first letter of my name. My door is covered in K's and has been for as long as I can remember. While most kids are promised ice-cream on family holidays, I was always promised a new K, so I feel like I have to take a few of them with me, including my K coaster from Tiger, which my mother stole and added to her shrine of me when I moved out (true story). I'm also going to be taking my giant K, which I use for decoration purposes and to hang my favourite necklaces and bracelets over. 
  • Fashion Books: Well, if my luggage is over weight, at least we know why. I'm obsessed with these books and just couldn't bare to leave them behind. I already have a few that I took with me to Australia waiting for me at my Gran's house, so at least I won't be short of reading material. I'll be the best dressed student Greenwich has ever seen (I hope).
  • Perfume Collection: Because everyone wants to smell nice at uni, especially when handling dead body parts and, yes, I own too many perfumes but still want more. 
  • Memory Box: Unfortunately even I drew the line at bringing something as big and bulky with me, so I've decided to start a scrap book. I keep everything as I am such a horder, especially when it comes to memories, so want to document my trip from the moment I moved out up until I started university, mainly for something to do so that I don't have to study. 
  • Pinboard: The time has come for me to take apart my beloved pinboard that I spent hours and hours perfecting, only to have to put it all back together once I arrive at my halls. I did debate on just throwing the whole corkboard in, but it wouldn't fit in my case. I think a trip to IKEA to purchase another one might be on the cards. Might also need to find someone to help me put it up because DIY is not my strong point. 
  • Photos: As screwing things into the walls is banned at nearly every university, I will be making the most of blu-tac and sellotape (though I'm pretty sure that one isn't allowed either). I've watched so many DIY videos on how to decorate your room recently that I could probably find a different way to stick these in every single room at my accommodation. 
  • Stationary: Despite most work at university being done on a laptop nowadays, I am strangely excited about the prospect of buying stationary, something I haven't done in a few years. I've even bought some new pencils, which you might have seen in a recent haul, and I don't think I've used pencils in years. THEY'RE JUST SO PRETTY. 

  • Make-Up Brush Holder: AKA the pot that everyone has and loves. I plan on buying a few more of these and filling them with nail polishes, cotton wool, candles and more. 

What else do I need to pack for university?
Let me know in the comments below!