Sunday, 6 October 2013

September Favourites and October Wishes.

I think we can all agree that September absolutely flew by. For most people, Septembers brings the return to school, college or university, the first signs of Autumn and the ever growing build-up to Halloween. September has been surprisingly good for me. I've made new friends, got even closer to old ones, had some unforgettable moments and even made this blog! With the end of yet another month passing us by comes the never ending spree of "monthly favourites" vlogs, blog posts and tumblr tags, so I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and do my own. Yes, I am being a sheep with this one. I won't necessarily be doing a monthly favourites every month, as I don't tend to branch out and try different products very often (instead preferring to stick to what I know and love) but let's just see how it goes.

  • DKNY "Be Delicious" apple perfume: Surprise, surprise, this has made it's way into yet another blog post. I am OBSESSED. It's one of my favourite smells in the world. I own quite a lot of perfume, but my two main "go to" ones are this one and Marc Jacobs' "Daisy". I find that Daisy has a much more Summery smell to it, so I think it will be taking a bit of a back seat once Winter comes around. 
  • YLS Touche Éclat: This is one of my make-up must haves. It is easily the most expensive in my make-up bag but it is completely worth it! As it's on the expensive side, I tend to use this when I am going out or if it's a special occasion instead of using it in my everyday look. I definitely don't get as much sleep as I should, so the bags under my eyes are atrocious and this is the one item I've found the properly covers them up. I've tried a few other, much cheaper brands but have achieved no where near as much as I have with this one.
  • Red lipstick: I've always wanted to be one of those people that could pull off bright red lipstick but up until recently, I've never felt brave enough to actually wear it in public. I felt like it didn't suit me and that I was just trying too hard but now I'm in love with it. I first wore it during a dance show and then again on a night out, and now I'm finding myself wearing it wherever I go. The one I've been using is KIKO, which I think is quite an unheard of brand? Correct me if I'm wrong, but no one I know in England seems to have heard of it! It's quite a cheap brand, but there make-up and brushes are wonderful! I am especially in love with their mini eye shadow pallets, nail varnishes and their 3D concealer. You walk in and it's literally rows upon rows of stuff, in every colour imaginable. I find it all to be quite long-lasting and haven't found myself needing to top up the lipstick.                 
  • Cala make-up brushes: The powder one, to be precise. I was recently given this by one of my Mam's best friends, who is always giving me little gifts. It's eco-friendly, has a bamboo handle and is made from animal cruelty free-hair (which is ridiculously soft! I could rub it all over my face all day haha). I've been using these brushes for both foundation and powder. I've always used sponges to blend my foundation so I was very excited to try this and now that I've tried it, there is no going back! It blends really well, leaves no streaks whatsoever and seems to make the foundation have an even longer duration. I'm sure I'll be asking for the entire set for christmas, or at least the foundation and eyeshadow ones, as well as another powder brush.
  • Clinique soap: My Mam is obsessed with Clinique and has been since she was in her 20's so I have grown up around this brand. Her side of the sink has always been filled with Clinique products; soaps, moisturiser, clarifying lotion. make up remover, EVERYTHING! However, Clinique isn't the cheapest brands so we've been trying to cut back and make her use other brands. One thing we have kept buying is their face soap. I've always suffered from quite bad skin so I was told to use a slightly more expensive, fragrance free soap so decided to to start with Clinique and I definitely haven't been disappointed.
  • Statement jewellery: I've been a big fan of this trend for a while now, with my collection steadily growing. I love that there's so much diversity in this trend so there is easily something for anyone. I hope this trend sticks around for a few months to come as I currently have my eye on a few necklaces from H&M, Stradivarius and Zara. 

  • Jumpers: Yes, I may live in Southern Spain where it is still about 33 degrees, but that is not stopping me from wearing jumpers (and then getting incredibly hot and having to take it off). I miss many things about living in the UK, one of which is the weather. Yes, you read that right. When it's hot, or at least sunny, nearly all year round, you find yourself craving jeans, jumpers, hoodies, hot chocolate, orange leaves and even rain! I can't wait until November when the temperatures will hopefully begin to fall and it'll be cool enough to wear winter clothes. My favourite jumper at the moment is this one, which I got for my birthday. I've only managed to wear it a few times, in both a casual and bit more formal look. For a casual look I paired it with leggings and converse, and for more of a "going out" look I paired it with floral jeans (which I'm LOVING, they are absolutely perfect for Autumn. I'd been lusting after them for an entire year before finally buying the last pair in the H&M sale. I guess it was meant to be), some gold sandals and some chunky, yet simple jewllery. The jumper itself is from Stradivarius and cost 22,99€. They also do a grey version with pink hearts which I'm most definitely going to buy!
  • Ariana Grande, Yours Truly: I was planning on having Drake's new album as my favourite album of the month, but I still haven't found time to listen to it. I'm pretty sure this is some sort of crime. But despite that, I am absolutely in love with this album and happy to have it as my album of the month. I didn't expect to like it as she isn't really what I'd describe as my taste in music but I adore every single song and I'm already excited for her second album. My favourite song off of this album changes daily but at the moment it's Honeymoon Avenue

  • Jay Z - Oceans feat. Frank Ocean: If there's one question I hate being asked, it's "What's your favourite song?". I can honestly say that it changes daily. I recently made a playlist of my all time favourite songs, expecting there to be a maximum of 50... 250 songs later and I eventually finished. One of them was Jay Z - Oceans feat. Frank Ocean, taken from Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail album, which is easily one of my favourites of 2013.
  • My friends: Yes, my friends are being included in my September favourites just because I felt like it. After being away for quite a lot of the Summer, it took me a while to realise how much I had missed them so I decided to spend most of my September catching up with them all. 

These are just a few of my favourite photos from recent weeks, but more should be up soon as I am currently planning a post about everything that I got up to during the Summer and trust me, it was a lot! Yes, I am head and shoulders taller than the rest of my friends. 
  • October wishes: Something not so common in monthly favourite posts is what people are hoping to achieve or do the following month. We may be six days in, but I'm still thinking about what I plan on doing this month. I want to do something achievable, yet something I've been trying to do for a while. I suppose an obvious one would be to study more or try and study a little bit everyday. This is something that I've been telling myself that I've been going to do since going back to college yet never seems to happen so that is something that I'm definitely going to try and do this month. Another is to eat less chocolate and exercise more. The eating less chocolate part is already going well, as I am almost finished all the chocolate I got for my birthday. The exercise part? Not so much. After breaking three bones and tearing my left shoulder ligaments at the end of May, I lost the ability to do nearly all forms of exercise and lost the use of my arm a bit and the results of this are definitely showing as I seem to put on a bit of weight. I'm no where near an unhealthy weight at all, but I'd like to lose a little bit of weight here and there so plan to get into a regular exercise routine starting from tomorrow.

                                  What are your September favourites and October wishes?