Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Brilliant Weekend with my Favourite People

Having been let out of college a good four hours early today, I decided there was only one way to spend my free time. No, not studying for the 10 looming exams that I have coming up, but a blog post! I've just spent an hour planning this post instead of actually writing it, and I have a feeling it's going to be a bit of a long one!

Last week, Alba and Noelia (two of my best friends, who have been mentioned quite a few times on this blog) mentioned that they really wanted to make a chocolate cake and as my Mam is a caterer and an all- round amazing cook, we figured that my house would be the perfect place to do it. They arrived on the Friday and as we had a dance show the following day, they arrived at my house laden with bags. Anyone would have thought they were coming for a week. For some unknown reason, Noelia and I decided to give each other tattoos. I gave her a butterfly on her neck, with a nice design, whereas she decided to draw a spiderweb on my shoulder followed by "SMELLY" written across my foot. Unfortunetly, she spelt it as "Smely" and what makes it even worse is that the purple pen leaked through my white sock and has now dyed it a lilac colour. At least it was a pretty colour.

We were then dropped of at the theatre for a dress rehearsal. A dance show dedicated to our dance teacher had been organised as she has now been teaching for twenty years, and it was all a complete surprise. We'd only expected to go over each dance one or twice and to then be able to go home but there were problems with the lighting and technical issues as we wondering if the curtain was going to be able to go up in time (this sounds rather professional..) which meant we eventually left the theatre four hours later. We'd also promised my Mam that we would walk to the end of my track so that she didn't have to drive through town, which meant a thirty minute walk after four hours of dance. It was also rather dark at this point, so we put some music on so as to make it feel less scary. This resulted in us singing Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball for a good twenty minutes before we decided that we couldn't sing. 

Once we arrived home, we snuggled up on the sofa with a rather large pizza between us, a bottle of Coke and watched Miranda. It had been a long day and an even longer week, so we got into our pyjamas, got into bed and watched Mean Girls, which Alba had NEVER seen. I was appalled, so of course demanded that we watch it. About half way into the film, I noticed that we'd all started to doze off, only to wake whenever there was a loud moment. Thankfully, a very quick power nap meant we were able to finish the film before falling into a deep sleep. I'm someone who tends to go to bed very late, and then get up at about 2pm but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) they tend to get up quite early. I was awoken to the sound of Noelia and Alba giggling, getting ready and painting their nails. I'm not ashamed to admit that I refused to get up, and stayed in my pyjamas wrapped in my duvet until it was time for breakfast.

As it was going to be quite a long day, we needed quite a big breakfast so we tucked into a feast of fried egg, scrambled egg, toast, pineapple, tea, coffee and orange juice. I'm a lover of Marmite and love nothing more to smother it all over my toast. Noelia, however, had never tried it so was intrigued as to what it would taste like. She put the tiniest bit on a crust of toast and the moment it touched her lips, you could tell that she hated it. About half way through breakfast, we were joined by a wasp. Alba and I are quite quick eaters so just quickly ate so the wasp couldn't get our food, but Noelia takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r so the wasp obviously wouldn't leave her alone. This resulted in Noelia running up and down the terrace, trying to stuff her breakfast in her mouth as she ran. I tried to take a picture of the wasp as it landed on a plant but it then flew straight at my face which too resulted in me running up and down the terrace. We're fabulous, I know. 
After breakfast it was back to bed for a bit, even though we were all fully dressed, before we decided to go on a walk. We've been trying to exercise regularly together just to get a bit more in shape as getting out of breath from walking up 10 stairs isn't a good look, so we figured a quick 15 minute walk would be perfect, especially considering the amount of chocolate cake we were planning to eat.

Alba getting scared (or scaring?) by the wasp
let's just appreciate this picture

We ended up going out for about an hour as we took numerous photos and climbed a "mini mountain" as I call it. It's about 20 metres high and it's not hard to climb at all... If you wear the right clothes, anyway. I stupidly decided to wear a slightly inappropriate (but fabulous) outfit for what we were about to do. A wore a black and white stripy mini skirt, a black vest top, a denim shirt, converse, aviators, a chunky ring, a D&G watch and a spiky bracelet. You never know, the love of my life could have been waiting for me! At least I look nice in the photos? Well, I would of if everytime I moved or stepped over a rock by skirt rose up to my belly button, making it look a lot shorted than it is. 

Noelia worrying that the dogs were going to commit suicide





Admittedly we didn't do much exercise. It mainly consisted of walking to the peak, climbing it and then sitting down for about 30 minutes whilst taking numerous pictures. One of the highlights of our "walk" was me sliding down the peak and landing on a thorn bush, which resulted in all the thorns getting stuck in my skirt... Well, I suppose it was funny for Alba and Noelia. Another was when we found a long stick on the ground, and as there are so many olive trees around, I told Noelia to hold an olive and pose for a picture so that it looked like we were playing baseball. This worked fine, and then I told Noelia to throw it so that I could actually hit it. She threw it and then jumped back to the exact place that I'd just aimed the olive which meant I ended up smacking her in the head with the olive. It was brilliant, and what was even more brilliant is that Alba managed to get a picture of it. 

photobombing Alba's selfie
I tripped over a stone.
And then I fell down the mini mountain. Hate life.

...and then hitting Noelia with an olive, which you can actually see!
Once we arrived back at mine, it was time to make a cake. I wasn't a part of this process. Instead, I was the designated photographer and fetcher and carrier. My Mam constantly tells me that I need to learn how to cook but as she doesn't let me in the kitchen and she tells me that I never do as I'm told then I was made to sit the other side of the breakfast bar. I soon got bored of my jobs so turned to taking amusing selfies. Selfies that will hopefully never make it onto this blog or any other social media sites. While the cakes cooled and the kitchen got tidied, we packed our bags, had a shower, had some lunch and started to watch Cheaper by the Dozen 2, before being told it was time to come and ice the cakes. Again, I was not part of this process so was beginning to get very impatient. All I wanted to do was eat the cake! I will admit that it was definitely worth the wait. It was chocolate with with chocolate icing all over it. We definitely deserved it with the amount of dancing we'd done that weekend. We then collected our bags and headed to the theatre for the final dress rehearsal where we made some final changes to our dances.

the final product!

Our main dance was a dance that Alba and I completely choreographed, as well as designing costumes, stage settings, lighting, EVERYTHING. It had been our little project for a while and after working on the choreography for a solid day during the Summer, we'd spent the following month or two teaching it to everyone else. It was to "Show Me How You Burlesque" by Christina Aguilera, we wore all black clothes with white gloves and white socks and the stage was completely black other than some ultraviolet purple lights, which meant you could only see our hands and feet. Unfortunately there are no photos of this as the photographer didn't know how well they'd come out but I've recently seen a video of it and I can honestly say it looks amazing! (even if I do say so myself...). The end of the show was slightly emotional as all the dancers took to the stage to present our dance teachers with a plaque and some other presents because she made a speech. I say it was a speech, but she'd been crying so much she could barely talk. There was time for a quick hug before they showed a video of a biography of her life and a few family members made some speeches, and then it was time to pack our bags, get changed and go out for dinner. 

These were taken during dress rehearsal. We were hoping the white lipstick would show up under the UV lights but it didn't. At least it made us look extremely tanned! (it also made our teeth look very yellow)

 This all happened last Friday and Saturday. Sunday was spent being very lazy before eventually doing some studying and then on Monday Alba was back at my house to do some homework and for tea. We ate with my Mam and a family friend, who were talking about someone in our town making 1.3 million euros by selling cannabis. Alba completely misheard this conversation and ended up shouting across the table "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU MADE 1.3 MILLION EUROS SELLING CANAPES?!" which made us all laugh ridiculous amounts. We had to tell her that if that had been true, we would be in the Maldives right now. Yesterday was again spent studying as I had a Physics exam today (I PASSED!). I only had a half day today so was let out at 11am and I have a completely free day tomorrow before going back on Friday. I'm about to head of to dance class before picking four of my best friends up, and we're all going to come back to mine and have a girly night in with plenty of popcorn, chocolate, ice-cream and films. I'm pretty sure we're going to watch a romantic film to remind us that we're single (yay) followed by Ice Age, because we're mentally three years old. It also may have something to do with us talking about Mammoths in Biology class, and how the can't genetically reproduce them as there aren't enough forests for them to live in or food for them to eat. As the teacher said this, Ice Age popped in to my head and as I don't seem to have a filter from my brain to my mouth, I shouted "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE'S NOT ENOUGH GRASS? HAVEN'T YOU EVER SEEN ICE AGE? THEY EAT SNOW". Guess who's getting an A* in that subject...

What have you guys been up to recently? Are you all getting prepared for Halloween?

Once again, I apoligise for the poor picture quality and blurriness of the photos.