Saturday, 5 October 2013

Birthday Fun and Haul


 As some of you may know, it was my birthday a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd do a quick blog post on some of my presents and what I got up to. As it wasn't really an "important" birthday, I didn't really feel like going all out (I'm not going to lie, this made me feel really old) so I planned on just doing something low key or having a meal with my family but my friends were having none of that. As my birthday was on a Monday and the day before I went back to college, my friends made it into a bit of a birthday weekend for me. As mentioned in my last blog post, I did a dance performance on the Friday and then on Saturday morning went shopping with Alba. By the time we got back, I had just enough time to pack a bag and have a quick shower before being taken to Alba's house along with a few other friends. 

My Mam had made some chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for us all (I think it's safe to say that they didn't last very long at all!) so we had a bit of a feast before enjoying some party games. Yes, you read that right. You're never too old for party games, especially for the ones we played... We did the "What is it?" Challenge and as it was my birthday, I was made to go first. I was blindfolded and then given a chunk of butter with an olive stone hidden in it. I was adamant that the butter was cream cheese, and it soon melted until all that was left with the olive stone. A highlight was me going to sniff it and ending up rubbing it all over my face because I couldn't tell how far away my face was from my hand. Well done me! After a few clues, I did eventually manage to guess what it was. I then made my friends have a go, which they did not enjoy. Alba was given pencil sharpenings, which I kept sprinkling on her hand to make her think it was some sort of animal, Saoirse was given wet toilet roll and Noelia was given crushed up bananas and grapes. Noelia actually kicked me at one point because I blew on her face and she didn't know what it was! This was followed by truth or die and then a session on Omegle. Unfortunately, there are no photos of this, only videos, all of which are rather embarrassing. One of them includes Alba and myself twerking and singing along to You Are My Sunshine. Miley Cyrus, eat your heart out. 

They also set up a table for me with lots of balloons, the cupcakes and all my presents which was lovely! We ended up going to bed at about 5am, before being woken at around midday to the lovely smell of pancakes. I then went home to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon and Monday; getting ready for college, watching films, having a birthday meal and of course opening presents. I had already received and opened quite a few presents from friends and also from my Grandparents, but I figured I'd include them in this post anyway.
  • A bikini, friendship bracelet, money and a ridiculous amount of chocolate; these were from my best friend Meg, who lives in the UK. We've been friends since we were two and she is easily one of my favourite people in the world. She is constantly surprising me with gifts, be it big or small, which makes me feel like I have six birthdays a year. The money and chocolate didn't last very long, with the money being spent the same day she gave it to me and the chocolate buttons, chocolate pebbles, jammy dodgers, hobnobs, starbursts, fruit pastles and spaceships being consumed within a week. Meg originally had the white version of this bracelet and I had the black one, with black being one of my favourite colours, but mine unfortunately broke so Meg gave me her's!
I figured it's be a good idea to put a face to the name. These photos were taken almost 11 years apart, in the exact same place. I'm on the right and Meg is on the left

  • A bag, bracelet, bookmark and the most wonderful home made card I've ever received; these were from Saoirse and were given to me at the mini party they threw for me. The bag is the most perfect size for a night out and can easily be turned into a clutch. It has lots of little pockets that are good too. The homemade card was easily my favourite though. She'd cut each word out of The Dare Game, a book written by Jacqueline Wilson, which I'd recently told her was my favourite book as a child. The time and effort it must have taken her astounds me. She also left a few free spaces on the bracelet so that I can add a few charms of my own.

  • A drawing and finger watch; These are from Noelia. The drawing is of us and three other friends as chickens. Apparently I am the mother hen, haha. She was slightly worried that I wouldn't like the finger watch as she thought it was a bit "out there" for me but, despite it not being something I'd usually go for, I actually really like it!

  • Black and white spotty blouse, spiked bracelet, earrings and a necklace; from Alba  Half of these were bought when we went shopping on the Saturday and then the other half were a surprise. I've had compliments from so many many people whenever I've worn each of these items, and I love them all.  The shirt is slowly becoming one of the most worn items in my wardrobe, and is getting yet another outing tonight along with the necklace.
  • DKNY apple perfume, pyjamas, a bottle of Malibu, chocolate and money; All of this was from my Mum. I am obsessed with DKNY apple perfume and I was gutted when mine ran out in April so I was very happy to receive this. I'm constantly spraying it, which I should probably stop before I run out again. The pyjamas were a necessity. I am almost 5'11 and am constantly searching for trousers that actually go past my ankles, and thankfully these ones do. Once again, the money and ridiculous amount of chocolate is already gone but most of the Malibu is still there. I guess you could say I'm not very good at saving! 

  •    Rimmel "Wake Me Up" Foundation; This was from my Sister. I've only ever used this once, but found it to be absolutely perfect so immediately asked for my some for my birthday. Even though I live in Spain, I am still rather pale so find it very hard to find make-up that matches my skin but this definitely fits the criteria. Many people complain that it gives off a "sparkle" but I found that if you blend it well enough, it only emits a nice glow or shimmer. I also loved the duration of it! I put it on one Saturday at around 10am and didn't get home until about 10pm and found that it looked exactly the same as when I put it on. I applied some powder half way through the day as I have a rather oily T zone, so that might have helped, but it still looked really good. Unfortunately my sister only managed to send it a week after my birthday, so I'm still waiting for it to arrive. The wait is just making me even more excited to use it!

I also received other little bits pieces from family members and friends such as clothes, make-up, nail varnish, a nail file, yet more chocolate, a lottery ticket (which I obviously didn't win or I'd be out shopping, not sat here writing this haha) and a Kindle voucher.

I was also given a bit of money from a family member to buy a Cambridge satchel. It's currently sat in my bank for safe keeping and I've been lusting after one for so long but I'm beginning to have second thoughts. I've started saving up for university and also for a trip to New York  for my 18th so I'm debating whether to save for that or just go ahead and buy it. What do you guys think? Do any of you have a Cambridge satchel?