Friday, 3 January 2014

A Second Christmas!

Hello everyone! We are now officially three days into 2014 and I feel like all I've done is lie in my pyjamas in bed and read or blog, which admittedly is exactly what I've done. I'm determined to change this so I am going to spend the rest of today planning some blog posts for January, writing a few of them, taking some photos, sending some emails, ordering birthday and thank you presents for people and maybe even going for a run! Maybe then I will feel like I'm doing something to make 2014 a good year, but I suppose there are another 362 days of the year left so plenty of time to go!

As everyone knows, the Christmas period "officially" ends on the 6th of January, which is actually the day Spain celebrate Christmas, so I plan on milking it for all it's worth until then, hence another Christmassy style post. I had planned on getting up reasonably early this morning, or at least earlier than usual, to go to the post office as I was expecting some Christmas presents that hadn't arrived yet. Unfortunately this didn't happen and I eventually ended up waking up at 1pm so I was rather thankful to find that someone had gone for me and left my presents on the bench. 

These presents were from two of my best friends, Meg and Amita. I've known Meg since I was two, and we have been best friends ever since and I couldn't imagine life without her. Amita, believe it or not, I've never actually met! This could strike many of you as odd, but we both know people that have met on the internet and gone on to be best friends and live together so we find it perfectly normal.

Anyway, they both clearly put a lot of thought into their gifts and I'm obsessed with all of them! I was actually so eager to unwrap them all and see what was inside that it didn't even cross my mind to take photos of them in their lovely wrapping paper and boxes, with bows and ribbon. I was happy before I'd even opened them, mainly because they were wrapped in bubble wrap which I consider to be another present from them both, haha.

Meg is always buying me presents throughout the year and spending far too much money on me. The fact that she always comes and visits me is enough for me, but she still insists on filling about three quarter's of her suitcase with presents and then the rest with food with us to share and the occasional item of clothing.

Meg's birthday is two days before Christmas and this year I was determined to get her both a nice Christmas and Birthday present, and make the effort for her to actually get it on time. I got her a butterfly print blouse from Bershka and some dangling heart shaped photo frames. 

She got me:

French bulldog printed pyjamas (!!!!): Can we just take a moment to take about how cute French bulldogs are please? They are easily one of my favourite dog breeds, something which Meg knows. I mean, JUST LOOK AT THEM. I want one so badly!

Moving on from actual French bulldogs, here are the pyjamas Meg got me. They are from Forever 21, the top is an S and the bottoms are an M.

She also got me a bracelet and two midi rings, also from Forever 21.

Now for Amita! I got her a necklace and some midi rings, both from Bershka! Unfortunately I forgot to click the gift option on both of these (they were ordered online to be specifically delivered to the Canary Islands) which makes me an amazing friend, NOT. I felt like an even better friend after seeing how much effort Amita had gone to with all the wrapping. I am set to redeem myself in the next week or so as she is turning 18 at the end of the month and I've already started planning her presents. (hello Amita, I know you're reading this)

She got me a rather large box or biscuits and a box of chocolates, half of which have already been consumed. I guess this means I should probably go for a run today but I personally think this is just more of a reason to lie in bed for the rest of the day eating chocolate.

She also got me this little HSM card, which she says is a joke present, but I LOVE it. We're always singing HSM songs to each other and going on about how much we used to love it and that we secretly still do.

She also got me a pack of midi rings! These ones are from Stradivarius. Can you tell their in style? haha. I'm obsessed with them and don't plan on taking any of them off. She knows how much I've been lusting after a pair so it was really sweet of her. 

My favourite parts of the little box of goodies she got me was the card! I'm not going to share a photo of what's inside but let's just say that it made me smile A LOT. 

So that's it then :) Are any of you still waiting on some late Christmas presents? If not, what did you get for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!