Saturday, 25 January 2014

It's official - I'm OBSESSED with my friends

Hello everyone! 

It feels like it's been absolutely ages that I've written or posted a blog post, and I suppose it has. My last post, which was a What's in my Bag, and my next post were written shortly after New Year but left as a draft just in case I didn't find the time to blog much throughout January. I knew this would happen as despite not having anything on yet seeming to having everything on at the same time (I don't know how either) I haven't really found time to do much.

Anyway, after that quick little catch up, let's get on with my blog post! Today's post is all about what I did yesterday. I had the most amazing day with some of my favourite people and, it's official, I am obsessed with my friends. I had a massive smile plastered on my face all day and then came home feeling warm and bubbly inside. It's good to know that even when you have a lot going on elsewhere, your friends are always there to take your mind off of things.

We took an hour and half long bus journey to Málaga, which already was a good start to the day for me. For some reason, I LOVE long journeys (Although admittedly, only when there's extra leg room). I love just leaning on whoever I'm sat next to and having a chat and listening to music together, or even just staring out the window. Let's be honest, who HASN'T stared out the window pretending they were in a music video? I also discovered something that is rather brilliant on public transport; taking pictures and then seeing the people in the background's faces. So, with long journeys comes a lot of photos. We obviously took far too many to post, but here are a few...

best example of people in the background's faces.

We were dropped off outside a school which also doubles up as a theatre where we went to watch The Phantom of the Opera! Admittedly it was a slightly edited version of the play so I do NOT remember there being flamenco dancing and quite as much kissing in the original... We went to see it in English, so with my friend's being Spanish they didn't really understand much, so I was having to listen and translate at the same time. I think one of my best friends, Ana Belén, and I found it a bit funnier than it was supposed to be and spent quite a lot of the play quietly sniggering to ourselves... It was still a lot of fun and I'd definitely see it again, just for the laughs and enjoyment I got out of it! The building was so beautiful, it was hard to believe it was a school. It looked more like some sort of museum! Of course, obligatory pictures were taken.

shoutout to me for being about a foot taller than everyone else
"Do you love me, Ana Belén?"
shoutout to a the guy behind us that everyone seems to fancy. In another picture we took, he's pointing at me. Awkward.

the theatre 
After this, it was back on another bus, this one taking us to the central of Málaga. On our way, we drove past the most gorgeous beach with crystal blue sea, paths leading to the sea, play parks, palm trees, etc. It was so nice! I wanted to get straight of the bus and to the sea, but unfortunately we were already on our way and had arrangements. It's was 23 degrees so too cold for a dip in the sea, but a perfect temperature for a walk along the beach.

Following our second bus journey of the day, we spent a good hour just wandering aimlessly around the streets of Málaga. We didn't really know where we were going, it was just nice to get to know the place where many of my friends were born. Obviously we've all been there plenty of times, but we found ourselves in small alleys and large squares that we've never been to before. We were all shocked at how stunning it was, and how we didn't know it existed. It looked like we'd stepped straight into a book or some sort of historical city, like Venice or Salamanca...

After wandering around for a good while, we finally got where we were supposed to be. After going to see a play, we decided it was only fitting to go to some ruins that used to act as a giant stage. You can still climb on to the stage and sit on the stairs, and that's exactly what we did (after taking a few HUNDRED photos). Me and three of my best friends also made friends with some boys who waved at us from a distance and were calling us over but everyone was to shy to actually say or do something, so me being me just stuck my camera high in the air and basically took a picture of the four of us with them in the background. Typical me...

our friends in the background behind us... my selfie with them didn't quite work, so someone took this for us, haha
Some more pictures from the outside and also some from the inside! What better place than pretending to propose to your best friend than in some old ruins of a stage? Admittedly I'm almost as tall as her when I'm on my knees, so I'm not sure how that relationship would work. I think we knew a few people would have something to say about it, if you get what I mean, haha.

I am wearing boots from Zara, a Harvard University jumper from Pull & Bear, heart print jeans from H&M and a bag from Primark. I am also wearing Ray Ban Aviators.

Everyone always tells me I should be on stage so.... here we go. I am so thankful for all your support and I would like to thank you all for accepting my career change into acting.
"bet you're not capable of getting down on one knee and pretending to propose?"
-drops to the floor, takes off a ring, realises I'm still the same height so crouch down even more- I LOVE YOU

Marina is judging me
After this it was another hour or so wandering around the streets of Málaga, complaining about how hungry we were as we walked past Burger King and McDonalds, before clambering onto yet another bus and heading back home. Is it me, or do journeys home always seem to take much less time that journeys to somewhere?! I hope I'm not the only one that thinks this.

my fave 

"Do you guys even know who this person is?"
"no, but I still want to take a picture with him"
hahahahahaha so good
spending 15 minutes in a shop is only okay when I do it but it's okay because at least we can be stylish together
After an amazing Friday, I also have a lovely rest of the weekend planned full of Family birthday celebrations where lots more photos will be taken, fabulous outfits worn (by me, obviously - even if I do say so myself) which will hopefully result in more blog posts before the end of January! Admittedly I also have to study, but let's not think about that.

What do you all have planned for this weekend? Let me know in the comments below!