Thursday, 27 March 2014

Kylie Jenner

Can we all just take a minute to talk about how much Kylie Jenner has been killing it in every way possible recently? The 16 year old, most known for being half-sister to the Kardashian sisters and for appearing in the hit show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, is slowly beginning to overshadow her older sisters in the style stakes and is truly beginning to make her name for herself. With endless tumblr and twitter accounts dedicated to her and multiple magazine articles finding out exactly what she is wearing, her style is continuing to go from strength to strength. I'm obviously a little bit jealous, but who wouldn't be?! Let's not forget the fact that her future brother in-law, Kanye West, thinks she's the height of cool and goes to her for advice from everything to his latest tracks to his album covers. If I didn't love her so much, I'd probably hate her. 
And who can forget the fact that both her clothing line with PacSun that she designs with sister Kendall, along with their jewellery line is only getting bigger and bigger. I'd love to get my hands on all of it, if only I lived in America and had a slightly bigger spending budgets!

Ever since she dyed her hair back to brown, I've been loving her style even more than usual, and don't even get me started on her new short hair! I loved it so much that I followed her lead and cut a whole six years worth of hair off. I could have easily attached a picture of every outfit she's won in the past six months in this blog post, but that probably would have taken me are while, so here are some of my few favourite looks that she's been wearing lately:

  • Okay so normally I hate high heel jellies, and don't even get me started on high heel jellies with socks because they used to make me want to throw up a bit. So imagine my surprise when I saw multiple candids of Kylie wearing just that, and LOVING them. I loved the Star Wars inspired hair too!
  • You should all know by know just how obsessed I am with Zara's check trousers with zip detailing! So obsessed in fact that I have tried and failed to buy them about five times. I'd love to know why Zara England, Spain and Canary Islands continue to show them on their website despite them being sold out in every size. I hate you Zara. You are taunting me. Moving on, I love her Chanel Chelsea boots too! You'll see them popping up in a few of the next few photos in this post.
  • I love the way Kylie accessorized this dress, both with jewellery and with her make-up. The shoes are clearly not an obvious choice with a dress like this, but I think they are what completes the outfit. Oh, and who can forget her Mother, Kris Jenner, commenting on an Instagram of Kylie's and asking her why she had stolen her purse without asking. Priceless.        
  • One of my favourite casual looks of Kylie's. A very simple outfit made amazing by just a few accessories, with the belt clearly being the key piece in this outfit, tying it all together. (Pun not intended!)
  • Another one of my favourite casual looks. Well, at least I think she meant it as casual. She always looks so done up and put together, even if she's just going to school or something. This is exactly how I try and dress too, something I'm not quite sure I've nailed yet! I love how her Topshop coat shouldn't work, yet somehow does. Stop pulling off things that I can't please, Kylie!

  • All I can say on this outfit is how much I want both her fedora and her Balenciaga boots. I will not rest until I get them. All donations are welcome. I accept cash, cheque, card or you could just send them to my house...
  • I love how she's matched her feather gilet with her shoes in this outfit!
  • Kylie is known for having the more grunge, edgy look out of all of her sisters, something she always pulls off so well, so people always seem a tad surprised to see just how well she pulls of the girly, feminine look. She always seems to know the exact moment to pull this look out of the bag, yet she manages to do it while still putting a classic Kylie twist to it and sticking to her fashion roots. This Stella McCartney dress combined with a coat she wore as a cape she wore to a baby shower recently shows this perfectly. I'm loving Khloé's matching coat too! In fact, I love all of these outfits. Props to Kourtney, Khloé and Kylie for these fantastic looks. 

  • I'm absolutely sick of the cold weather and not being able to wear as many a cute outfit as I would like without catching pneumonia, so I was slightly disgusted to see just how amazing she looked in the below freezing temperatures of New York City. Admittedly this probably isn't the most College-friendly school, but I can dream. Love the mesh socks with her open boots and the inner-detail of her coat too!

  • One of my favourite formal outfits from recent weeks. She wore this one on Fashion Police a couple weeks back and looked so good! No 16 year old should this good on a daily basis without having a single off day. It just shouldn't be legal.

  • This outfit is everything. Balenciaga shoes and bag and a white mesh Chloé dress. 

  • Just a quick mention on how jealous of her nail game I am. I'm yet to see her with a pair of acrylics that I don't like. I think these Kenzo inspired might just be one of my favourites though! Oh, and I'm obviously not jealous at all of her multiple Cartier Love jewellery...

So, that's it then. I guess you could say I have a tiny style and girl crush on her. Just a tiny one though. What do you all think of Kylie Jenner's style? 

If she isn't quite your cup of tea, who is your style crush? Let me know in the comments below!