Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Birthday Haul.

Despite turning 18 over two months ago now, it's taken me until now to do a birthday haul. This is because I was still waiting on one present from my friends, Saoirse and Alba, which, having been told it was worth the wait, I wanted to wait to show you. Like most big birthdays, my main present from most people was money, but I still thought I'd show you what else I got!

  • A photoframe: This, along with money, was a present from my Mam. I didn't exactly expect it to be accompanied by tears, but that's exactly what came with it. As this could be my last birthday at home before I move out, my Mam bought me this so that I could "put a photo of us in it to remember her by". She cried, I laughed and then she cried some more. She also got me a mountain load of chocolate that was consumed within a week, as well as a bottle of Malibu. 

  • A Mug: On her recent trip to Amsterdam, I asked Amita if she could bring me back Ansel Elgort. Unfortunately, he wasn't quite available, so instead she bought me back the next best thing; a TFIOS mug AKA the book/film that broke hearts across the World. Obsessed.
  • A Necklace: As well as receiving quite a bit of money from Julia and Jed, I also got a necklace and a lottery ticket, something that Julia gives me whenever I see her and something that I never seem to win. Rude.

  • Necklace and Bracelet: As well as participating in throwing me a surprise party, five of my best friends also got together to buy me two pieces of jewellery. These gifts were also accompanied by tears, as my friends realised that they might not get to celebrate my birthday with me next year. It was quite morbid if I'm honest, with everyone crying into their chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. They also cried at Halloween so I'm expecting quite a few tears between now and when I potentially leave.

  • Present from Alba and Saoirse: According to Saoirse and Alba, this still isn't ready but they say it's more than worth the wait and will actually need a blog post all to itself... I am very intrigued and want it now.
All in all, I think I can safely say I was very lucky!
I definitely didn't expect to receive quite so much money, and it's currently all siting safely in my bank account. Well, most of it is. I may have made a few sneaky purchases...

Have any of you had birthdays recently?