Saturday, 8 November 2014


Despite us now being well on the way to Christmas (46 days!), I thought it would still be nice to share some photos of what I did for Halloween. I know, it's the 8th of November so all things Halloween should well and truly behind us, but I don't think I'm quite ready to let go.

While most people spent their Halloween at parties, getting dressed up and potentially egging people's houses, my friends and I decided to have a bit of a low key night. I had five of my best friends over for the night where we decorated the house, carved pumpkins, took too many photos, watched some (not so) scary films, ate enough to feed half of Spain and basically spent the night talking and gossiping. There was a moment when two of them fell asleep before it had even reached midnight, but they were soon awake again and talking until 4am. I'd fallen asleep by that point but apparently woke up saying "You can talk, but shut up", something we're all still laughing about. I'm amazed I said it in Spanish, considering it isn't my first language and I was fast asleep! 

Here are some photos from that night: 

spy the clown peeking through the door...

What did you do for Halloween?
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