Sunday, 22 February 2015

Disappointing Products.

I like to think of my blog as a positive place. It's very rare that I post rants and nearly all posts are about some product or other that I love. Today though, I'm going to turn the tables a bit and write about some products that I've been a bit disappointed by recently. You never know, these products might work amazingly for you, but these are my opinions.

  • No.7 Mascara: This is the first product that I've been disappointed by recently and it's also probably the worst. I always used to think that all mascaras mainly do the same job and that surely there can't be one that is absolutely rubbish, right? Wrong. This is awful. It's clumpy, I find that it makes my lashes look shorter, not longer, doesn't curl them and takes about three days to get off, no matter how hard you try. It claims to take just thirty seconds to take off but I definitely haven't found that. I've also found that a few eyelashes come out when I take it off, as I have to scrub so hard to get the mascara off. The wand is rather awful too. Definitely not a fan.

  • Rimmel Foundation: This product hasn't disappointed me as such, I'm actually quite a big fan of the finished product, I just find that it leaves quite a lot of shine. Other than that, I do recommend it, just not if you suffer from oily skin!
  • H&M Sunglasses: I'm a massive fan of H&M, they are easily one of my favourite high street stores but one product of theirs that I have been left disappointed by is their sunglasses. This is the second pair I've had from there now and, after just two weeks, both pairs started to crack down the middle. The other pair have completely fallen apart now but I thought I'd give a different pair a go. Apparently, the cracking is due to the sun, but they're sunglasses, that's the whole point of them! I won't be buying another pair from there.
  • Satsuma Moisturiser, The Body Shop: Just like H&M, The Body Shop is one of my favourite shops and I'm very rarely left disappointed with their products. One product that I have been disappointed by though, is their satsuma moisturiser. I wouldn't say that it doesn't do it's job, it just doesn't work as well as others that I have tried, but I also just don't really like the smell.
  • Schwarzkopf Gliss Shampoo: I gave this quite a few go's but found that it irritated my scalp quite a lot and also really didn't like the smell. I tried the conditioner too, but wasn't a fan of that either, mainly due to the consistency. 

Have you been left disappointed by any products recently?
Let me know in the comments below!