Friday, 7 August 2015

Haul #2.

Remember when, about two weeks ago, I shared a haul with you and mentioned the fact that I might have spent far too much money on clothes recently? Well, I feel like that won't change and that I will continue spending far too much money, so I guess it's probably for the best to get all the hauls out the way. Like I mentioned in my last post, it'll make me feel better and my Mother less inclined to confiscate my debit card, despite me being a fully-functioning adult.

  • Head Chain, Bershka, 5,99€: (no longer available online) Readers, I need your help. I should never have bought this, I should have taken it back straight away or given it to a friend but it's just too damn pretty to do anything with. I haven't even worn it yet, it's just sat in my jewellery box. I understand it would suit someone with darker hair more than it would suit me but it was just a spur of the moment purchase. I'm sure I'll wear it soon enough.
  • Bangles, Bershka, 7,99€: (no longer available online) Now these are something that I've gotten a lot of wear out of. I'm loving gold jewellery at the minute so these were the perfect purchase. Something's telling me I'm going to be needing a bigger jewellery box...
  • Sunglasses, Tiger, 3,99€: "Got dressed thinking it would motivate me to study - it hasn't. I'm now just lying in the sun thinking about how nice my new sunglasses are." - , April 18th, 11:44am. Three months on, I'm still thinking about how pretty they are.
  • Jeans, Stradivarius, 19,99€: If you're looking for the perfect pair of jeans, then Stradivarius is the place to go. They have a fit (and colour/print) for every occasion and are incredibly comfy. Believe me, I should know. I own about five pairs. 
  • White V-Neck T-Shirt, Stradivarius, 9,99€: (similar)A classic white t-shirt is something everyone needs in their wardrobe. Comfy yet stylish and can be worn with anything. It's an obvious winner. Note: I must remember to buy more in different colours. It also has slits up the same which I think makes a nice change to just a normal white t-shirt.
  • Clutch, 12,99€: I'm afraid I can't tell you the name of the shop as it's a Spanish one that I can't actually remember the name of but hey, at least I got a pretty bag out of it. This was actually the clutch I took to my prom. I was quite surprised to discover just how much I could/can actually fit in there. It came with an additional strap too to make it into a handbag.

Two hauls down, only two to go.
I know, I have an addiction.
Have you bought anything nice recently?