Thursday, 20 August 2015

Haul #3.

I included OOTD's in the last two hauls but won't be in this one. Something tells me that none of you want to see me in very high heels and a bikini. After all, it's not exactly a good look is it? On second thoughts, don't answer that. This haul also includes quite a bit of make-up and I'm not the kind that wears make-up to the beach.

  • Kimono, Bershka, 22,99€: (no longer available online) Isn't it great visiting a city you've never been to before, especially when it's a historic city full of culture? You get to explore, try food you've never had, visit historic monuments and, oh - go to shops that you could go to in your hometown! I saw this kimono and just couldn't resist. Whether I wear it to the beach, out for drinks or with a more formal look, I always get complimented on it. 
  • Bikini, 9,99€: Despite the fact how much this looks like a Triangl bikini, I can promise you that it isn't. After all, it's from a Spanish market and everyone and anyone is wearing them. The bottoms are too big and the top is a bit too small. This definitely isn't a bikini I'll be wearing in the sea, mainly due to the fact I'd be showing everyone my boobs but I wear it if I'm just with close friends, for sunbathing and it looks great in photos. Who'd guess that it's a fake?!

  • Perfume, ZARA, 7,95€: As if ZARA didn't already own my heart, I'm now obsessed with all of their perfumes. This is one of my favourites (yes, one of. I'm currently loving three) and, best of all, I can actually afford it. Now if only they could lower the prices of all their other products...

  • Black heels, 15,99€: These came from another Spanish shop that, again, I don't know the name of. Despite just how much I love shoes, I don't actually own that many pairs of heels. Three to exact and I'm not even a massive fan of them all. It turns out everyone in Spain has very small feet and shops tend to stock shoes for those that have a smaller foot and not people like me that have size 8 barge feet.
  • Eyeshadow Stick, KIKO, 6,99€: Anyone that loves beauty has, at one time or another, obsessed over the By Terry shadowsticks, myself included. The problem? The price tag. I can't even bring myself to mention it but, compared to the 6,99€ tag from KIKO, I'll take KIKO's anyday. Great price, doesn't crease, lasts ages yet still comes off easily... I could go on for a long time. Love, love, love. I'm excited to try out more colours!

  • Nail Varnish, KIKO, 1,99€/bottle: Oh KIKO nail varnish, how I love thee. I love them so much, and KIKO in general, that my lovely mother has pointed out that I will soon have more nail varnish than the actual shop. I wish she were wrong, but she's really not. 

Have you bought anything nice recently?
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