Sunday, 10 January 2016

2015 Favourites.

2015 was a great year for all things fashion and beauty. There were plenty of re-releases, new releases and a whole lot of collaborations. For me personally, it was the year that I really started branching out and experimenting with make-up, meaning I discovered a lot of new products that I grew to know and love. It wasn't just beauty products that I loved in 2015, there was a whole lot of other stuff too. Let's take a look at some of them, shall we?

  • MAC Studio Fix Foundation: During 2015, I continued using foundations that I'd been using for a few years, like KIKO's Mat Mousse Foundation and Rimmel's Match Perfection Foundation, but I also tried quite a few new ones, like Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Even Finish Foundation and YSL's Teint Touche Êclat. Out of all of the ones that I tried, the one I loved most was MAC's Studio Fix Foundation. I loved it so much that it got to the point where it was the only foundation I was wearing. As I didn't want to spend money on a whole bottle only to then discover that I didn't like it, I started off with a sample of the NW13 and NC15. The NC15 was slightly too dark (I'm very pale, I know), though I could get away with it, but the NW13 was perfect. As I have quite bad scarring and a bit of redness on my face, I need quite a high-coverage foundation, something this particular one definitely has, but I found that a little went a long way. One small amount on my finger was enough to do my entire face and neck. It genuinely lasts all day and my make-up still looks pretty okay after over 12 hours. I was ridiculously surprised to find that the sample pot lasted me over an entire month! I've been a bit naughty and since gone back for two other pots (I've been using it since the 9th of October), so the full sized bottle would probably last me forever! 
  • YSL Black Opium Perfume: AKA my favourite perfume ever, along with DKNY Be Delicious Green Apple Perfume. I actually ran out of the DKNY perfume towards the beginning of the year and was lucky enough to be given the YSL Black Opium perfume shortly after. It's quite pricey so, after spending the first few weeks and months using it on an almost daily basis, I've been saving it for special occasions. If anyone's looking to get me a late Christmas or going away present, then there you are...
  • Nike Free Runs 5.0:  2015 was the year I moved out and moved 3000 miles away to London. It was also the year I got my first proper, full-time job. This job meant spending nine hour shifts, sometimes seven days a week, on my feet, so comfy shoes were a necesity. I'd already owned my Nike Free Runs for over a year, so knew just how comfy they were, so immediately chose these. They left me feeling like I'd been walking on clouds even when the rest of my body left me feeling like I wanted to curl up in a ball. 
  • KIKO Natural Green Concealer: As mentioned above, I suffer from a bit of redness on my face, especially around scars and in Winter months. Though I can cover it up with the MAC Studio Fix Foundation, I add KIKO's Natural Green Concealer underneath my foundation for that extra coverage and to make my make-up last longer. Though it can work a bit cakey under some cheaper, drugstore foundation, I've found that it otherwise looks great and actually works. I think I need to start using a bit less than I do though, as I go through this quite quickly! I'm keen to try the other concealers that KIKO offer to see if they're as good.
  • KIKO Unlimited Stylo Lipstick in the Shade Hibiscus Red:  I have a lot of love for all things KIKO. I probably mention them in almost every blog post and am constantly recommending their products to friends, family and followers on social media. This particular lipstick isn't just one of my favourite products from 2015, it's probably one of my favourite lipsticks ever. Though it's more of a Spring/Summer shade, I've still been wearing it throughout Autumn and Winter. I even wore it on Christmas Day! I find it to be long lasting, not often shifting when I eat and drink, smooth to apply, to have strong pigmentation and it even smells like vanilla! Just like their concealer, I'm excited to try more shades from this range. 
  • KIKO Nail Polish in the Shade 336 Electric Blue: Considering that I have my toe and finger nails painted almost 365 days of the year, I knew that I wanted to include at least one nail polish in my 2015 favourites. I had a look through my (rather large) collection and managed to whittle it down to five, all of which were from KIKO (I promise to stop raving about them soon... Maybe). One particular shade that was rarely off of my nails throughout the later months of the year was an electric blue colour. As I love wearing quite monochrome or all black outfits, I love adding a pop of colour with nail polishes and lipsticks, so this, along with the lipstick above, is the perfect way to do that.
  • Neutrogena Multi-Defense Moisturiser: As much as I enjoyed discovering new make-up in 2015, I also enjoyed trying out new skincare. From September onwards, I really got into my skincare routine and found products that actually worked for me (more on that soon!). Unfortunately I ran out of nearly everything towards the end of the year and couldn't afford to replace it all in one go (#19YearOldBudgetProblems) so my skin is now suffering a bit, but one product that I loved was Neutrogena's Multi Defense Moisturiser. It left my skin feeling hydrated and worked well under my make-up, almost acting as a primer. I would have definitely repurchased this but can't find it in any shops! I'll have to take a look online.
  •  Fedora, H&M (similar): After graduating, I finally had an excuse to buy nice clothes that were actually my individual style instead of having to live in jeans, leggings and tracksuit bottoms each day. Admittedly I still do that now, but at least I do it while wearing a leather jacket, a crisp white shirt and a fedora hat, like this one from H&M. I stupidly picked up the largest size so, thanks to having a rather small head, I have to hold onto it in the wind and wear it slightly tipped back.
  • Rings, Pull & Bear (similar): As I like to wear quite a chunky necklace and watch, I tend to keep the rest of my jewellery simple. This includes bracelets, earrings and rings. Some rings that I wore constantly throughout 2015 were these rings from Pull & Bear, a shop that does ridiculously good jewellery for a high-street store, and for excellent prices. I'll definitely be heading back for more.
  • My Friends: Though it was a hard year and I lost two of my bestest friends, something I never thought would happen. I obviously still have some of my old friends in Spain, but moving away has taught me who the real ones were and are. I also gained a number of new friends in London and in the U.K, friends I wouldn't change for the world and would do anything for. Though I'm excited to be moving to Australia in a few weeks time, I'm going to miss them all RIDICULOUS amounts. I don't think they realise just how much they mean to me, which is probably due to me being awful with feelings, but I have honestly laughed so much thanks to them these past few months and have never been awful. I blame them for all of my new laughter lines.

What were your 2015 favourites?
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