Sunday, 31 January 2016

January Favourites.

It's the first monthly favourites post of the year! Like I mentioned in my 2015 Favourites posts, I really stepped out of my comfort zone beauty wise and tried new things. Not only that, but I experimented with skincare and spent what was probably a bit too much money on clothes (my wardrobe grew three sizes). January has been a month where I've rediscovered some old favourites and continued using what I loved throughout the later months of 2015, but I haven't really tried anything new. Despite this, I thought I'd share what I've been loving recently with you.

  • KIKO Nail Polish: This definitely isn't my version mention of KIKO of 2016 and it definitely won't be the last. I actually rang in the year wearing this exactly nail varnish. I wore all black, this nail varnish and KIKO's Unlimited Stylo Lipstick in Hibiscus Red, the last two of which match perfectly. This nail polish adds the perfect pop of colour to any outfit, is easy to get off and also lasts a ridiculously long time. 
  • Gold Bar Necklace, H&M (similar): When I moved to the U.K, I had to try and condense my jewellery into one small bag. I obviously couldn't bring everything I owned with me, but I still managed to bring quite a lot with me... and ended up wearing barely any of it. I realised towards the end of 2015 that I'd spend the last two months in only my everyday jewellery, which I never take off anyway, occasionally adding a statement necklace, and switching up my watches, so I decided to go through my bag. I ended up finding my gold bar necklace, which I have always loved and had actually forgotten that I owned, so I was very happy to find it! I've since been alternating between this necklace and a similar silver one. 
  • Fossil Watch: Along with my gold bar necklace, another piece of jewellery that I've been wearing throughout January is my fossil watch, which you'll have seen in my December Haul post. Almost two months later and I'm still obsessed with it. I'm sure I'll be wearing it for many months and years to come as it is such a timeless piece. 
  •  MAC Studio Fix Foundation: You might have read my 2015 favourites post where I ranted and raved about MAC's Studio Fix Foundation and, if I'm honest, nothing has changed. It is still my go to foundation. I don't tan much, but I'm probably going to have to pick up a darker shade before I head off to Australia!
  • Clinique Acne Solution:  With working, travelling, not drinking enough water, the cold and eating a whole load of crap over Christmas (and basically for the past three months), I've definitely noticed my skin getting worse and worse. It's getting reddier, blotchier and spottier... Nice, not. This means I've been using everything I can to try and get my skin back to normal, including Clinique's Acne Solution. I've definitely noticed that it has helped spots go down, especially the ones that are deep under the skin and hurt. The only down side is that it actually burns when you put it on, which I guess is just a sign that it's working.

What have you been loving throughout January?
Let me know in the comments below!