Thursday, 3 March 2016

Gazelli House Spa.*

Instagram is definitely my favourite form of social media. Not only does it allow me to share photos and my friends to keep up with my travels as I'm off swanning around the place, but it has also allowed me to partner with brands and meet some amazing people, like those from Gazelli House who have just opened a flashship store in Knightsbridge, London. They very kindly invited me over to see the place one cold, wet weekday, just before I left for Australia. It's amazing who you can meet on Instagram just by uploading a photo of your feet (#IHaveThisThingWithFloors).

As soon as I walked in and introduced myself by name, they immediately knew who I was and got chatting, but even before they knew who I was, they were nothing but friendly, polite and helpful. They even told me that they'd been expecting me. I don't think I have ever felt so important, haha! A friend and I hadd just been to Kensington Palace so I took her along with me, and we were both immediately offered a drink before being given a tour of the place. They told me to take as many photos as I liked and to ask any questions that I had. 

As soon as I walked in, I knew I was going to enjoy it. The decor was incredible. I even had to ask just who had decorated as I 100% plan on having him help with my future help. From the printed tiles in the bathroom with a glass ceiling, to the canary yellow chairs and dark, wooden piano in the lounge area, I wanted everything. All the little touches, like candles and quotes on the side of pencils and pens, made everything just that little bit more special.

Now that I've finished talking about the decor, though I could talk about that all day, let me talk you through my experience. Having finished the tour and visited the various spa rooms, lounges, bathrooms and specialist areas, I was taken downstairs for a chat with some of the girls from the spa. They explained the whole concept to me and how everything starts and is to do with within - which is something I definitely believe in - from the food we put in our body to skincare. If we change our perspective on life and really concentrate on what we are doing with our lives, we can change our way of living, and this is what they concentrate on. They offer a wide range of treatments but start with a consultation. You really get to speak to a specialist about how you feel and work out what you really want to improve on. After that, the consultant will tell you what you should be doing and plan out a course of sessions for you, which resolve around certain specialist areas like skincare, muscul and strain, stress, etc. I particularly took an interest in the skincare programme. 

Though you do have to pay your initial consultation and the treatment, all the time you spend there is specially designed around you and you get the best care that there is to offer. Even if you just fancy a chat, there is always someone there to talk to. One of the things I most liked about it though was how they had made the whole place feel like a home. Not a house, a home, which is something they said was one of their main priorities. They wanted people to feel relaxed and that is exactly how I felt. I had serious trouble trying to get out of the squishy arm chairs. You couldn't even hear the traffic or the armies of people outside, heading home during rush-hour. 

Despite me telling them I was heading to Australia, they very kindly made me a member, meaning I can pop in whenever I like and also take people along with me. Though members too have to pay for treatments and their initial consultation, I am now free to come and go as I please, play the piano and wide variety of games they have to offer, read, colour in (they have loads of the relaxation colouring books, something I could do for hours) or just go somewhere to get away from all the stress of London, something you don't quite realise you need to do until you are out of the city.

I'm so thankful they got in touch and will definitely be heading back as soon as I'm back from my travels. It would probably be the perfect place to go after a 27 hour journey! I know they'd look after me and I'm desperate to try one of their many flavours of tea. Until then, I guess I'll just have to have a read through the booklet they also very kindly gave me and try on decide on some of the treatments.
I definitely plan on going back during the day next time, just so I can shower underneath the glass ceiling. It's not everyday that you can do that, is it?!

You have to check it out!
Let me know in the comments if you have been or plan on going!