Thursday, 24 March 2016

King's Park.

When you search for the best things to do in Perth, nearly every site (including Google & Trip Advisor) will list King's Perth as the #1 thing to do. Though I wouldn't say it's the best, it is a great thing to do. Whether you just want to go for a walk, have a picnic or play some family games, there's plenty to do. There's also a war memorial and some botanical gardens for those that are looking for a bit more culture. I've been a handful of times now, both at night and during the day, and can safely say that it's worth going just for the view. Just a short walk from the centre of the park is also a DNA sculptor, which I visited and climbed during my last visit as a way of celebrating my unconditional offer to study Forensic Science. from my top university choice.

Also, swans in Australia are black with red beaks. I'm yet to see a white swan here and I do not know how I feel about this situation. Please tell me that there is someone out there that shares my pain.