Sunday, 27 March 2016

Getting Competitive!

I come from a very competitive family. One of my fondest memories is my Mam tossing her money across the table and claiming that she hated us all during a game of Monopoly, all because I wouldn't sell her a card. I'm either very competitive or not competitive at all, there's no inbetween, I just didn't expect my competitiveness to come out during a recent early morning spent kayaking. Someone suggested we have a race and I started off saying "it's just fun, it doesn't have to be competitive", but then I witnessed him start to paddle and I went for it. I also won *insert all the princess emojis*. It probably explains why I was so tired afterwards and fell asleep for the next three hours. Next up was brunch (what's a weekend without brunch?!) and a trip to the Fremantle Street Festival where I witnessed a woman throw a man around like he was a pile of feathers. She is my spirit animal.

Bacon, sweetcorn & zucchini cakes, tomato, rocket and poached eggs

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