Saturday, 27 August 2016

Cover up, Fix and Prevent: Dealing with Face Imperfections - Guest Post.

Whether it’s the enlarged pores, blackheads, or dull looking skin, imperfections make you avoid any mirrors in your surroundings. Have no fear, because there’s a solution for everything. Read on to find out how you can make face flaws barely visible, but also how to fix them and ensure they don’t reappear.

Dark under eye circles
Whether it’s genetic (due to the skin tone) or a consequence of sleep deprivation, we all hate looking like Uncle Fester from the Addams family. Luckily, dark circles can be masked with makeup for a fresh look. For basic cover up, you’ll need an eye cream, a concealer, and loose powder. Opt for a creamy concealer since it provides you with the optimal coverage. Firstly, moisturize the sensitive skin around the eyes with eye cream. Wait for about five minutes until the skin soaks in all the ingredients. Then apply the concealer with your finger or a brush. With your dark circles hidden, you’ll notice your whole face looks much younger and healthier. For best results in the future, treat your dark circles with home remedies on a regular basis and use an eye cream with SPF.

Enlarged pores 
Large pores can really be annoying, as they make you seem much older and give you a tired look. They usually appear in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). You cannot really get rid of them, but you can reduce their size or use makeup for a flawless look and cover them up. Try some of the natural remedies right from your kitchen counter, for instance – baking soda. Baking soda has many benefits for your skin (e.g. natural exfoliator, evens out the skin tone), so it will help you not just with the pores. Simply mix the baking soda with lukewarm water in 1:1 ratio (two tablespoons of each should be enough) and then rub it into your face. Leave it for about 10 min and then wash thoroughly.

Scarred skin
To minimize scars caused by acne, try using hydrocortisone cream and silicone sheets that can be bought without a prescription, but do consult a pharmacist before using them. You can also try natural products that contain acne-battling ingredients, such as onion or green tea. If the scars make you feel very self-conscious, invest in a laser removal surgery. For quick solutions, you can always rely on makeup to cover it up. Acne scars affect many women, but there is a way to prevent it. For reducing inflammatory breakouts, start with the treatment as soon as you notice them. Some women (mostly those who never had acne before) choose not to do so, thinking that it is just some strange phase their skin is going through. Nevertheless, know your enemy.
In the end: get your beauty sleep

Beauty sleep is real. 
Ashy, dull looking skin, and dark circles are often a consequence of poor quality of your sleep. If you’re having trouble getting your 8h of shuteye or you feel tired despite of the hours you spend in the dreamland, you should consider your sleeping environment. You may not be aware of how the air in your bedroom affects the quality of your sleep. Recent research that was published in the International Journal of Indoor Environment and Health has shown that the air quality has significant influence on our sleep (e.g. temperature, air humidity, concentration of CO2). Consider installing a humidifier and ventilating your room in order to ensure a good night’s sleep. It is well known that the lack of sleep doesn’t only affect your appearance, but it impacts your health and performance, too.

In addition to these beauty tips, proper skincare is mandatory. If you wish, try using a diversion: hairstyles can help in that sense (e.g. if you have a wide forehead that bugs you, opt for bangs), even details such as earrings. You can also enhance some of the features you’re proud of to cause a distraction.

What are your top tips and hints for dealing with problematic skin?
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- Guest post by Zara Lewis, author at High Style Life