Sunday, 14 August 2016

Top 5 Nail Polishes for Summer.

Remember when, a few days ago, I mentioned that I was slightly obsessed with stationary? Yeah, well, I happen to feel the same way about nail polish. I own a massive box of it and, when I headed off on my travels, it was suggested to me (I was vehemently told) to only take four with me, and that decision was hard. Now that I'm back at home, I am more than making the most of all of my nail polishes. I think it's safe to say that my nails will be needing plenty of TLC in a few weeks time. Here are the top five that I've been wearing and will be wearing most over the next few Summer months...

  • Hot Pink: There are two featured in this post - one glitter, from KIKO, and one matte, from Nails Inc, and they're the two that I've been wearing most. Come rain or shine, I spend a lot of time in monochrome colours, so like to add a pop of colour with nail polish. I haven't been a girly girl since I was five years old and had a pair of purple sunglasses that made me feel like one of the Olsen twins. I'd like to think I'm not quite back at that point just yet, so I'll drawn the line at pink nail polish for now. 
  • Mint: I know anything mint or pastel is usually saved for Spring, but as I don't prance around in a canary yellow blazer, just like the one Kim Kardashian had in 2011, anymore, I figured brighter nail varnish would do the trick. I now own so many bright colours that the contents of my nail polish box is brighter than my future. 
  • Coral: So unique of me, I know, but what's the point in fixing something that isn't broken. It just looks so good with a tan! Even with my tan, which is somewhat lacking in a colour that isn't white...
  • Nude: Because sometimes I just want to wear all monochrome and hide behind my sunglasses. I do that pretty much everyday so I don't really know how the colour of my nail effects that but yeah.

What are your favourite nail polishes for Summer?
Let me know in the comments below!