Thursday, 8 December 2016

A Hangover, Baubles for Earrings and Why I'm Never Getting Out of Bed.

Remember back when I talked about how excited I was for Autumn, but how that I knew that the happiness wouldn't last because the days would get shorter and the weather more dreary? Yup, I've reached that stage. Someone please take me to the Maldives because I need, in no particular order; a tan, a bright lip, lots of bronzer and to not have to wear a coat. Until plane tickets are booked and accommodation sorted, I'll be making the most out of my top Winter essentials:

  • Red lipstick (KIKO 908 True Blood) and Matte lipstick: I'll probably mention red lipstick a lot over the next few months. After all, nothing says Winter and Christmas like a good red lip, so you may as well all rush out and buy one now. Whether it be red or another colour, make sure to buy one that's matte but not too drying and one that preferably doesn't come off too easily. We've all gotten off with someone under the mistletoe and then realised he (or she) was wearing half of our lipstick (...I hope).
  • St Ives Green Tea Scrub: Though I may want to wear red lipstick, I'd rather not have a red or pink face as a result of the wind, which is why I'll be upping my use of this. It really does work miracles, and helps fight blackheads too!
  • Glitter: Don't argue with me on this; the festive season equals glitter. Eyeliner, eyeshadow, highlighter, glittery nails, a sequinned dress, baubles for earrings... I don't care, just make the most of it. - Make-Up Revolution Iconic II 
  • Electric blanket: It may make it even harder to get out of bed on a morning, but it's worth it. The only thing that gets me out of bed is knowing that I'll be back in it in a few hours. It's a necessity. Failing that, a hot water bottle (or ten) will do.
  • Netflix and a new TV Series: Because, sometimes, they're are going to be days when you wake up extremely hungover from the Christmas party that happened the nightmire, and you're just going to want to lie in bed with a box of Quality Street (or Roses, if you're weird), electric blanket on, and watch your favourite TV show, and that's okay - we've all been there. It's also a great way to avoid coursework and deadlines. 
  • Cosy Pyjamas: if you don't have a tradition of receiving or buying new pyjamas at Christmas, then you need to make a change in your life and you have been missing out for years. Christmas theme optional but welcome. Don't forget the fluffy socks.
Marks and Spencer
  • Notebook: I'm not sure I believe in astrology but, as a Virgo, I need a notebook for list writing at all times, especially at Christmas. What do I need to buy for Christmas dinner? Will 30 packs of pigs in blankets, just for me, be enough? What do I buy for everyone? So many questions. Most importantly, I need to write my Christmas list. Kikki K have a great range.
  • Moisturiser: Not only does the wind turn my face slightly pink (and my nose very red), it also leaves my skin and lips a bit cracked, so Winter is when I step up my moisturising game, making sure to apply a ridiculous amount of vaseline and an extremely hydrating moisturiser, mainly Clinique or Clarins.

What are your Winter essentials?
Let me know in the comments below!