Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Tyler Oakley & His Warby Parker Collection.

For those of you who perhaps live under a rock, Tyler Oakley is a YouTuber, internet personality, podcast-owning, author and presenter who has recently added something else to his repertoire: a glasses collection with Warby Parker. It started back in May 2013 with a simple tweet in which Tyler stated his love for brand. Flashforward three years to this video, and we have an incredible collection of both sunglasses and normal glasses. 

Warby Parker is a celebrated eyewear store, available both online and in stores, that boasts a massive range of both sunglasses and eyeglasses, available for both men and women. Their collaboration with Tyler is probably going to make them that even more popular, allowing them to reach younger audiences that would have perhaps not heard of them otherwise.

The limited-edition collection features bold, mostly black frames with pops of contrast tones. With each purchase comes a custom black and white lens cloth, which double up as pocket squares. There are three to choose from: windowpane check, chalk stripe and polka dot. I think my favourite pair of glasses would have to be the Stockton, and I'd say they're Tyler's favourites too as he's been secretly wearing them in post of his recent videos. Prices start at $95 which, as a fellow glasses-wearer myself, I consider to be a seriously good price. 

What do you think of this collection?
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