Sunday, 11 December 2016

But I Don't Want to Look Like Mrs. Claus.

It's official; the countdown is on and, in just fourteen days, I will be waking up much earlier than usual (mainly because I'm a massive child), throwing on a dress, probably something black, and, of course, a red lip and gold nail combo and I am definitely more than ready. Until then, I am going to make the most of Winter and wear as many wintry shades of nail polish as I can.

  • Gold: Like I mentioned above, a red lip and gold nail really is the perfect combo. Not only do they go so well together, but I am all about the glitter at Christmas time. The more I look like a bauble, the better. 
  • Red: I probably sound like a stuck record, but you can't go wrong with a matching lip and nail, especially with red at Christmas. It's a fail-safe option without ending up looking like Father Christmas.
  • Grey:Because, as well as matching my nails to my lips, I like to match my nails to the sky, obviously... There are always a few days (or weeks) during Winter when the cold weather and darkness starts to get us down, and that immediately makes me reach for the grey nail polish. I'm nothing but thorough.
  • White: And, if you're one of those creative times, some nail art or, if you're like me, just leave them white and tell people that yours are art too; snow. I do envy people that seem to be able to drawn Christmas trees on their nails though. How do they do it?! I bet it's the same people who can do a perfect cat flick.
  • Topshop Blue: Because it's also the colour of my lips in the cold...

What are your go to Winter nail polishes?
Let me know in the comments below!