Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Fun

Hello everyone! I hope you're all well that you've had a wonderful few days full of Christmas spirit. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that we know have a whole year to wait before celebrating Christmas again. On a positive note, at least we still have a few lazy December days and New Years Eve to look forward to.
Today's blog post is all about what I did on both Christmas and Boxing Day, what I ate and, most importantly, what I wore! 

I'll start with Christmas Eve night. My Mam spent the majority of the day cooking, both for us and for some clients whereas I spent the majority of the day deciding what I was going to wear on Christmas day and having a bit of a pampering session. Completely different days but at least we were both doing things we love! Thankfully I didn't have to wrap any presents as they'd all been either bought online or wrapped and put under the tree about two agos. My Mam on the other hand woke up at about 10am on Christmas morning and realised that she hadn't wrapped my Christmas presents. I wasn't impressed, so not impressed in fact that I made her go straight back to her room and wrap them before she had the chance to do anything else. What a Scrooge, ey?!

I think everyone can agree that no one seemed to be in a very Christmassy mood this year. Unfortunately, I suppose this is just a sign that we're all getting older which upsets be greatly. I DON'T WANT TO BE OLD!! Despite this, I still managed to struggle to get to sleep and woke multiple times throughout the night before eventually getting up at about 10am and realising we were rather behind my Mam's schedule... We shot out of bed, made some coffee and then opened our presents!

We then skyped a few family members and also my best friend and her Mam, who treated us to a Christmas song! It was one of the best Christmas presents I've ever received, even better than the dance they prepared for us in their giraffe and Christmas onesies last year. Thanks to us sleeping in rather later than planned, we didn't have a lot of time to get ready before Joan and Saoirse arrived. Saoirse is one of my best friends and Joan is her mam, who happens to be one of my Mam's best friends. I gave Saoirse her presents and then they had to wait for me to finish getting ready. Next it was time to finish preparing Christmas dinner and to finally sit down and eat! My favourite part of the day.

Christmas Day selfie

...and another one! 

even on Christmas Day I don't brush my hair hahaha

it wouldn't be Christmas without one problem or another. This year, it was a powercut just before we were about to eat our main course.

After an unhealthy amount of Christmas dinner, a family game of charades and some Christmas TV, Saoirse and myself decided to play monopoly. For the first half an hour, I had the worst luck. I was both property and cash poor, other than owning BOTH of the purple cards whereas Saoirse was both property and cash rich and managed to get all the good Chance and Community Chest cards. I somehow managed to turn this around and managed to get all of Saoirse's money, a large amount of my own AND I ended up owning the entire board with hotels on the purples. Saoirse was gracious and paid up each and every time she landed on the space with a hotel, despite owing me a whopping 2000 each time she landed on it. I took all of this rather seriously but was definitely gracious about my win... If only it had been real money!

After this, we were both "shooed" from the room as our parents wanted to watch Downton Abbey, a whole TWO HOURS of it to be precise. No one died, no one gave birth and there were no tragedies... They basically just danced for two hours. As we'd been shooed we decided to head into my room and take some photos. And then the next day, we did exactly the same thing!


I hope you've all had a wonderful few days and continue to enjoy your Christmas holidays!