Saturday, 28 December 2013

My Christmas Outfits

Hello everyone! Three posts in a row? Wow, it seems that I really am back into the swing of blogging. My New Year's Resolution was actually to blog more. 2014 hasn't even begun yet and I already seem to have conquered that. Let's just hope I haven't peeked too soon. 

Just a quick post today. During the festive period, I tend to spend most of my time in my pyjamas. Obviously I get properly dressed for christmas day, new year's year and of course when I go out but other than that it's all about comfy pjs and hoodies! It's weird, I adore fashion, would love to have a career in fashion and love planning my outfits for both college and whenever I'm going out, so the fact that I don't normally get dressed for a good three weeks during the Christmas holidays is slightly odd (but still definitely needed!). This year however, I am yet to spend an entire day in my pyjamas! I've either been out or had friends round so I've been dressed everyday, and even when I haven't been out, I've at least been in comfy clothes instead of pyjamas. Because of this, I thought it would be fun to share my outfits from the past three days with you guys.
Starting with Christmas day. If you've read my Christmas Day post (click here to read that) then you will have already seen this outfit but it made sense to include in this post too. You know when you imagine exactly how you want a picture to look in your head and it ends up coming out the total opposite? Yeah, that. I think we ended up taking about 100 pictures and they were all about shit. These were actually the best we managed to capture...

I am wearing:

Fake leather skirt from Stradivarius 
Cropped blouse from Bershka 
Black bralet from Stradivarius 
Necklace from Stradivarius 

My nail varnish is from KIKO, my watch is D&G, I am wearing a Pandora
bracelet and multiple bracelets that I seem to have collected. I am also
wearing pearl earrings and a ring that used to be my Mam's.

These three "selfies" were taken before I'd actually finished getting ready which was quite a big mistake on my point considering I didn't take any later in the day. Make-up wise I am wearing:

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation
Natural Collection Concealer
Natural Collection power
A Matte powder on my nose, though I can't remember where it's from!
Rimmel Glam Eyes HD Eye Shadow Palette in Goldon Eye
YSL Touche Eclat
A "rose" blusher but I'm afraid I don't know where this is from
Sephora Rouche lipstick - in the shade "Crush"
Natural Collection Mascara
Topshop eyeliner (I don't have it on in this picture)

Now for Boxing Day! We had a relaxing breakfast of bacon, eggs and mushrooms before venturing into town to go to the post office and to drop our friends off.

I am wearing:

Denim shirt from Stradivarius 
Jumper from Stradivarius 
Leggings from H&M 
Boots from Zara
A necklace that was a present
Gold rimmed Ray Ban Aviators
Cambridge fluroro bag that I got for Christmas
My make up is the same as the day before, as is my jewellery and my french 
plaits are slightly messier than they should be as they were done 
the night before by my friend, Saoirse

And finally, this is what I wore yesterday. I went on a hike yesterday, not in this outfit obviously (though my friends wouldn't put it past me!) and then got changed into this:

I am wearing:

White t-shirt from Primark
Blazer from H&M
Printed mosaic leggings from Stradivarius
Satchel from Cambridge Satchel's
Boots from Zara

And that's about it! Let's hope I continue with all this blogging madness as I really do enjoy it. I should have another post up tomorrow so be sure to come by and see it!