Thursday, 12 June 2014

Instagram Update.

I've really been loving Instagram lately. After a whole year of leaving it untouched, other than to scroll through my feed, I finally decided it was time to put it to good use. Over the week or so, I've been editing and uploading  a photo either everyday or every few days, so thought it would be fun to share them with those of you that don't follow me on there. I've seen a few other bloggers do this and I always enjoy reading through their posts, so I hope you enjoy reading through mine as much as I enjoy scrolling through theirs!
  •  Believe it or not, this is actually wear I live. If you look on the right-hand side of the photo, you can just see the corner of my house. Mental, I know. This was taken a few months ago, when a few friends and I decided to go on a little walk. I wore a body-con skirt, aviators and a D&G watch so I was clearly dressed for the occasion. One of my dogs, Parker, also looks rather cute in the background.
  • A few of you may have already seen this picture in a blog post from when I went to the beach that I published a few weeks ago. I love the photo so much that I decided to get it back out and share it with the world. Curse that pesky wind for blowing up my skirt and giving me a Nicki Minaj arse.
  • A quick throwback Thursday to a whole eight years ago. This is my best friend, Meg, and I. I like it how I'm being lady muck and just lying there while Meg drags me around. Not much has changed there.
  • Yes, that is the view from my house. A tad insane, I know. I think we all take it a bit too much for granted. Along with the view, I really love this picture. It's my favourite thing in the world to hear my friends properly laugh and to see them happy.
  • A quick stroll through Málaga centre. Despite having been there plenty of times, we'd never come across this part. We felt like we'd somehow been transported to some historical city. We will definitely be going back.
  • A typical 'look into the distance and pretend your thinking of something serious' moment!
  • Another throwback Thursday, this time with my friend, Hannah, and I. I'm the one on the right. I like it how, even at six years old, I was wearing floral jeans. They may have been hideous, but they're floral jeans all the same. Nice hat too... Hannah was originally wearing socks and sandals on this day. GOOD TIMES.
  • I uploaded this two days ago, due to it being exactly a year since I broke three bones and tore my shoulder ligaments. A year on and it is still not fixed, as I'm not able to fully straighten my arm, don't have a very strong grip and it will occasionally ache - especially in bad weather. But I know I shouldn't complain, especially with what Meg did for me. She fed me, dressed me, washed my hair and even showered me. Lucky her.
  • A few of my favourite people in the world, on one of my favourite days ever. It was just filled with so many happy moments. 
  • This could potentially be one of my favourite photos EVER. It's hard to believe it was taken almost three years ago, but it just reminds me of some great times and, to be honest, I just really like how it turned out! I'm not too sure you'll be able to see, but God knows how I managed to bend my hand that far back.
  • Stumbling across a beautiful church in the middle of Málaga. Yes, it was probably wasn't very hard to miss, but none of us had seen it before so I couldn't resist taking a few pictures.
  • At a dance performance with some of my favourite people! This wasn't the stage we danced on as I think it might have been a bit small for us! Haha.
  • Learning to drive... a tractor. Despite the fact I could have had my motorbike license for 3 years now and my driving license for one, for some reason I've been putting it off. That's all due to change come this Summer though. Hopefully I'll get a car and not a tractor...

And that's it! Do feel free to check out my on Instagram
I'm sure they'll be plenty more photos to come.

Also, I do apoligise for the lack of posts over the next few weeks. My exam schedual is hectic. I took a look at it last night and lets just say that now seems like the perfect time to run away. Far, far, away.

Speak soon!