Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Exams, Exams and More Exams.

Hello, everyone! I hope you're all well and having a good week. 

Just a quick post today, the title of which is pretty self-explanatory. I am currently drowning in exams, work, projects and presentations as well as having to actually go to work and I'm struggling big time. I have 14 days of actual college left and about 16 exams left to do. Yes, it really is as bad as it sounds!

Obviously I'd love to be able to dedicate my full attention to my blog but, unfortunately, I just don't have time at the moment. It is SO frustrating to watch the list of blog posts I want to write get longer and longer, with the time I have to write them get shorter and shorter. Long story short; for the next three weeks, I will be posting very little and then, after that, I am officially free for three whole months! There will be plenty of blog posts coming your way as well as a few weekly features coming up. Should things go to plan, I should be uploading about four or five times a week. Yes, you read that right, now let's just see how long it lasts!

Despite not being very active, I'd like to say a massive thank-you to you all - My blog views may not be as high as usual, but there is still a fair amount of you visiting each day, and I'm still getting notifications, from bloglovin' and blogspot, telling me that new people are following me.

If any of you are going through exams and weeks of revision, then I hope it's going well!
I guess I'll see you all in three weeks...