Sunday, 29 June 2014


As it's been a while since I had a girly night in with two of my best friends, Saoirse and Alba, I decided that last night that was exactly what we were going to do. So, straight after dancing at a festival, they came home with me. Admittedly we arrived home at about 1am, so it was short but sweet! During the car journey home, I came up with the idea to stay up all night to watch the sunrise. The sun tends to rise at around 6am, so five hours would surely fly by, right?! Wrong. Alba fell asleep at about 3am, with Saoirse following an hour and a bit later. I wasn't going to stay up on my own, so I set my alarm for an hour and a half later.

By the time my alarm had gone off, it was still dark outside so I set an alarm for every 10 minutes until I could see the sun starting to come up. Saoirse and Alba slept through every single alarm! I woke Saoirse up by stroking her arm but she clearly thought someone was trying to kidnap her as she curled up in a ball, before eventually waking up. Alba, on the other hand, managed to sleep through me calling her name, stroking her arm and poking her. I eventually had to push her arm quite hard before she woke up, absolutely terrified and wondering where she was. I laughed far more than I should have.

We then ventured outside, where I was the only one really prepared - dressed in long pj bottoms and a hoodie. Turns out, it's quite cold outside at that time in the morning! I'm more likely to go to bed at that time than I am to get up, so that's not the type of thing I'd really know. Saoirse and Alba on the other hand were in summer pjs, so had to lie on the sun loungers, wrapped in towels.

It took a while for the sun to start to come up, but once it started, it rose really quickly and it was most definitely worth it. We definitely don't appreciate any of the views around us and truly do take it for granted. It is something that we will definitely be doing again.

I've included a few snaps of the sun throughout the time it took to rise, as well as some of us. Saoirse and Alba went for a bit more of a traditional pose, smiling at the camera, whereas I was a bit more... creative? (Read: Weird) We did take a few group photos, but they're not exactly blog worthy. I think we can all agree that no one looks particularly great at that time in the morning - especially in pjs,with unbrushed hair and having only had an hours sleep (or 3 and a half, in Alba's case)!

Penis cloud...

 And on that note, I hope you enjoyed these pictures and that you've all had a wonderful weekend!
Have you ever stayed up to watch the sunrise?