Wednesday, 2 July 2014


To celebrate the end of exams, the beginning of summer and having a bit more money in the bank than I'm used to (that I probably should have saved...), I went on a bit of a shopping trip and bought more than my fair share of things, so thought I'd share them with you!

I'd originally gone shopping to buy a really good foundation. I've had quite a few problems with my skin so thought it was about time to treat myself. The options I had in mind were MAC, Chanel and Clinique. I hadn't really picked a specific foundation out, I was just going to have a look around. To cut a long story short, the assisstant in MAC tried to give me a foundation four shades too dark, the one in Chanel didn't even look at me and the one at Clinique spent her entire time on the phone. Not sure I'll be going back there again... Whilst I'm on the subject, do any of you recommendations for troublesome  and also very pale skin?

To make up (pun not intended) for the rather pointless trip to buy foundation, I turned my attention to clothes and other little goodies too and luckily for me, the sales had just started... Here's what I bought!
  • Sleeveless, cropped blouse, Bershka, 12,99€: I've been loving blouses recently so this is definitely the perfect addition to my wardrobe. I feel like the colour definitely gives it a bit more of that Summery feel and I just know that I'll be getting a lot of wear out of it. I was surprised to find that I fitted really easily into an M, as Bershka can be really off with their sizes and, being 5,10"5, I expected it to be a bit too short. I'm sure you'll be seeing it in plenty of posts of the next few months, along with....
Something tell's me this is going to do be one of those shirts that creases at the slightest touch

  • Floral shorts, Bershka, 14,99€: These shorts, along with the blouse mentioned and pictured above, were actually on one of the mannequins that you could see as soon as you walked in the door, along with a maxi dress that matched the shorts. As soon as I saw all three items, I immediately fell in love with them and knew that I was going to buy at least two of these items. I decided to go with the shorts as I'm not a massive fan of maxi dresses and know that I'll get a lot more wear out of the shorts. Plus, they have pockets, something that makes me embarrassingly happy!

  • Rose Petal perfume, Zara, 9,99€: It seems that, over the past few days, I've been running out of nearly all my perfumes. I really don't have the money to reinvest in DKNY or Marc Jacobs perfume at the minute so decided to venture into Zara, where I know there is currently some really nice perfumes and definitely something for everyone - both male and female! I picked up this one, which smells amazing! I also really love the bottle. 

  • Bikini, H&M, Bottoms: 9,99€, Top: 12,99€: Because I live in Spain, I think it's safe to say I make my way through my fair share of bikinis. You'd be amazed at just how much the sun and the chlorine ruins your swimwear. It goes hard, green, falls apart, etc. and it's just generally not a good look... Hence why I decided to buy this one from H&M! I really like the print and it's a really nice fit but I will definitely be saving this one for special occasions and not every day use! The straps come off so you can make it strapless (no shit, Sherlock) and you can also turn it into a halterneck!

  • Nail Varnish, Deliplus, 1,75€: You might have seen this in Monday's post, so I'll keep this short and sweet it - I love it!

I did also buy a moisteriser but, as I haven't used it yet, I thought I'd maybe save that for another post!
Also, it might be worth mentioning that none of the stuff I bought was in the sale section... In fact, they're just a few of the products in the entire shopping centre that weren't on sale. Oops!

Have you bought anything recently? 
Be sure to let me know in the comments!