Monday, 28 July 2014

Mani Monday #3

It's time for the third post in one of three of my new blog features! Be sure to take a look.
You may have noticed that all nail varnishes featured so far have been really bright, popping colours that really catch your eye. This is because I tend to wear quite dark coloured colours (a habit I'm trying to get out of!), especially in the Winter, so I love to add a pop of colour with nail varnish, a bag, accessories or just some small, minor detail that is still capable of completely transforming an outfit. It's very rare for me to wear a black or dark coloured nail polish, so be sure to expect plenty more bright nails!

This week's pick screams Barbie, something I happened to be very obsessed with when I was younger. It's ironic because, unlike quite a lot of the female population, pink has never been one of my favourite colours. When younger, I also opted for the blues and purples of anything over the pinks. I guess I'm still like that nowadays but this nail varnish is gorgeous! I actually don't know how old it is as I found it in one of my nail varnish bags (yes, I have multiple bags...) just a few months ago and seem to have no recollection of buying it! I hope nail varnish doesn't have a sell buy date or have a negative effect on your nails after a certain amount of time but so far, so good!

This is from L´Oreal and is called 'Punchy Pink', in the shade 151. I've actually had a quick look on their website as I was a bit worried about it having being discontinued, but it is still there! I really like the gold lid as I think it makes for much better packaging than the black lid that is underneath!

What do you think of this colour?