Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday #1

Hello, everyone! Today is the first edition of the third of my new blog features 'Wardrobe Wednesdays', where I'm basically going to show you one of my favourite outfits of the week.

A few fun facts about this one: as I'm currently on a three month Summer holiday, I actually forgot it was Wednesday and remembered that I hadn't take any photos of any outfits this week, major oops. Then I saw that it was half past seven and, even though it doesn't get dark here until about half 10, the sun was slowly starting to go down. Finally, to put the cherry on top of the cake, I realised that there was no one home to take the photos for me, so I had to balance my camera precariously on a chair. I'm sure you'll all agree that it wasn't the best start to Wardrobe Wednesday. Oh well, hopefully it can only go up from here!

Anyway, this is what I decided to wear today. You've all seen these pieces before, as they are items that I recently featured in a haul and all you all seemed to be a fan of them, hence me picking them!

I am wearing:
Blouse - Bershka - 9,99€
Shorts - Bershka - 12,99€
Sandals - A Spanish shop that I don't know the name of
Gold rimmed Ray Ban Aviators
Pandora Bracelet
D&G Watch

Hope you like it!

P.S - I've just noticed my dog is fast asleep in the background! Nice.