Thursday, 10 July 2014

Nickelson Wooster

There's an elephant in the room bigger than my obsession with CĂ©line handbags and that's the fact that no one seems to have heard or be talking about Nickelson Wooster. Nickelson, who describes himself as an old midget queen who had some good fortune along this way, is fashion blogger and tumblr addict, has worked as a buyer and design director in multiple chains, was the previous the men's fashion director for Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman and is the self-confessed style and tattoo inspiration of none other than Mr. David Beckham himself. Pretty good for a man who is relatively unheard of in the World of media nowadays, something that boggles my mind considering he has a over 200,000 Instagram followers and an army of Tumblr followers behind him. You should all follow him just for the photos of dreamy male models, if nothing more.

Nick someone manages to fit every corner of fashion and style into what can only be described as unique look, combining both traditional and modern, along with something that is entirely his own, all in to the same outfit. This all coming from a man that insists that he doesn't deliberately set out to be 'trendy'. 

He is rarely seen without the most tailored suit jacket I've ever seen in my life, his favourite pair of sunglasses, shorts that show off his leg tattoos and an amazing pairs of shoes, something that makes me both more excited and more interested in Men's fashion. The only down side is his style have given me rather high expectations in Men's style now. Future husband: take note please

Not pictured here are his two tattoo sleeves. Yes, you read that right. Many people are often shocked (and some disgusted) to find out that he has so many tattoos. As someone who is a rather large fan of tattoos and hates it when people judge someone just based on their tattoo art, I personally love the fact that he is breaking the taboo of tattoos. Why should having tattoos be a bad thing?

More of this man please. 
What do you all think of his style?