Sunday, 13 July 2014

Instagram Update: Number 2.

I follow a few people that do Instagram updates and I personally love reading through them all. I enjoy looking through their photos and seeing the different ways people edit their instagrams, as well as reading a bit of a story behind the photo, this way learning a bit of detail about it. I too have actually done of these posts so, as you all seemed to enjoy it so much, I thought it was time to do another one! My Instagram is katewilson96, for those of you that are interested in giving me a follow.

  • This photo was taken last Summer, when I went back to Durham, England to visit some friends and family. Fun fact; I'd had a cast taken off of my arm only a week previously, having spent over a month in cast from my finger tips to shoulder, thanks to having broken four bones. One of my friend's quickly took after after this was taken, as we didn't really want to crash into the hedge for which we were heading. It was still a really nice day and fun experience though! If anything, it meant I just got to sit there enjoying the sunshine like Lady Muck.

  • This was taken on Boxing Day 2013. That little beauty on my left is one of my best friend's, Saoirse, who is like a little sister to me. It's kind of ridiculous to think that she used to be so much shorter than me and that she is now almost as tall as me! This is something I am not okay with, as I can no longer call her my 'Little Fave'. STOP, SAOIRSE. Also, note how many times I've said little in this paragraph? I'm probably going to have to start calling her big beauty... Wait, that makes her sound like I'm calling her fat. Humongous, tall, giant... *prepares to dig self out of hole*
  • I can't even remember when this picture was taken, I was just randomly scrolling through the photos one day and found it, decided it looked nice and so decided to Instagram it. It's crazy to think that this is actually where I live and that it is just one of the many views from my house. It's also kind of weird to see how green everything looks, considering we are in the height of Summer so everything is a bit of a brown colour. 

  • Be still, my beating heart (and ovaries). Let's all just take a moment to calm down and talk how cute both my niece and nephew are. Sibling love isn't something that really runs in our family, so it's nice to see them get on, despite the fact they're only one and a half and a few months old, respectively. I'm sure that will all change in a few years time...

  • A little 'What's On My Face' post before a dance festival. I'll no doubt to a proper blog post like this at some point in the near future, with better quality photos (oops) and a mention of some of my favourite products. I've changed a few of these products up too, so it's definitely in need of an update!

  • Surfing at the beach this time last Summer. We saw a woman paddle boarding and decided it was something we all really wanted to try, so we grabbed my friend's little sister's Mickey Mouse board and ran off into the sea... Only to fall before we'd even managed to get on the boards. We decided to all just sit on them in the end, though mine seemed to sink a bit, haha. Shoutout to the lady in the background, preparing to stand up, showing us how it's done.

  • This was taken the day I finally finished collage. It was nice to be able to sit down, take a minute to think about everything I'd done and achieved in the previous academic year and to think about everything that I plan to do this Summer. This was actually taken at my neighbour's house, as I like the fact that she has a palm tree!

  • If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I've been doing a biweekly feature called 'Flashback Fridays' and that this picture was featured in the first ever post of that! I figured it was only fitting to post it to Instagram too. Click here to read about it in more detail!

  • Hello, my name is Kate Wilson and all Chanel make-up counters are heaven. Well, this one was up until I tried to ask an assistant about which shade of foundation she would recommend when she 100% just disappeared. I then header over to MAC, where the woman gave me a foundation 4 shades too dark and then walked away to talk to her friend, and then finally headed to the Clinique counter, where the woman stood there, talking on our phone. It's safe to say that I walked away without any foundation that day, though I did come back with quite a few items of clothing! (Read about that here). Oh well, at least the Chanel counter still looked pretty. I actually cropped the foundation that I wanted out of the photo, just so that I could no longer see it and get sad about how much I wanted it. Does that make me a sad person? Probably. Do I still want that that foundation? 100%.

All photos were edited on VSCO and Square InstaPic.
I think I'll be doing another one of these in a few weeks time, so be sure to keep checking back for it!
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