Friday, 1 August 2014

Flashback Friday #3

That time again! Time really is flying isn't it. This week my best friend, Meg, came to visit so I've been a bit absent. I hope you're all having a lovely week and enjoying this feature. I sure know I am! I think this weeks could be the best, and also the most embarrassing, yet.
Due to us currently being in the middle of the World Cup and with both of my teams (Spain and England) having been knocked out in the first round, I thought I'd take us back to 2010. Or to be more precise, the 11th of July, 2010. The day Spain won the World Cup.

Saoirse, Alba and I, along with our families and the rest of the population of Álora were all in the top square, watching the match on a big screen. The atmosphere was electric and I cannot describe the feeling or what it was like when we won. I think this photo sums it all up pretty well, despite how embarrassing it is. Hadn't any of us heard of powder?! Wow. And why didn't my Mother teach me how to pluck, wax, thread or do ANYTHING with my eyebrows? Clearly not. What makes me smile the most about this isn't thinking about how we felt that night, it's seeing how young both Saoirse and Alba look. It's so weird to think just how much they've grown up. I still remember when they graduated from primary school, terrified at the thought of high school and asking me to teach them French so that they could have a bit of a head start, the swats! This past month, they graduated from high school and like I said, it feels so weird to watch and see how much they grow.

I hope you enjoyed this Flashback Friday, it was a bit more sentimental than the previous ones!
Come back next Friday for more.