Friday, 15 August 2014

Flashback Friday #4

It's hard to decide which of my favourite features is my favourite but, most weeks, it's definitely a toss up between Flashback Fridays and Style Crush Saturdays, mainly because I love reminiscing and I love clothing and fashion - simple as that! This weeks post has been featured on my blog on quite a few occasions now but, given that it's one of my favourite photos from my childhood and I know there are people that are new to this blog, I had to include it just one more time.

There are many things I like about this picture. One thing I don't like however is the fact that I have my eyes closed. This is something that is continued to haunt me throughout my life and I never realised just how far back the problem could be traced back. Amazing.

Some things I do like are that Hannah spent the whole day with her flies open, as well as starting the day wearing socks and sandals, up until we decided that they probably weren't suitable for any occasion. Although, let's be honest, socks and sandals aren't suitable or appropriate for any occasion.

Something I love the most is that I am wearing floral jeans. Over ten years later and I am still wearing floral jeans, though thankfully not the same pair as those particular ones are rather hideous...

Hopefully Hannah and I will one day be able to recreate this photo, just with better taste in clothes and our zips firmly up! Maybe this time I might even have my eyes open.

Hope you enjoyed!