Sunday, 31 August 2014

Summer Favourites.

This one's a bit of a different post. It's basically a bit of a twist on monthly favourites posts. You may or may not know that I've done both June and July favourites so, instead of doing an August post, I decided to do one on things that I've been using and loving throughout Summer. You may have seen some of these in my two previous monthly favourites posts, but there's a few new bits and pieces in there.

  • Bikini. H&M: Two months on, and this bikini is still intact! No green bits, no holes, no crispy bits from the chlorine... At 25€, I'm very happy about that fact that it's still wearable and that I'll be able to wear it next year. The fact that you can remove the straps and also make it into a halterneck means I've managed to avoid those pesky tan lines too!
  • YSL Touche Éclat: I haven't really worn that much make-up during the Summer, as I've spent post of it in a bikini, shorts and a vest top and also just in or around the pool. I also haven't had a lot of sleep due to being up quite late, which is exactly where this little beauty comes in... It is honestly the only product that I can use that completely covers up the bags under my eyes. The bad news? It's almost gone. A repurchase is a definite must.
  • Rimmel Palette and MAC 'Honey Lust': These have definitely been my go to eye products throughout the Summer! The gold shade in the Rimmel palette is no where near as dark as it appears in the palette itself, so I tend to wear that on my entire lid, with the MAC one on my outer lid and also just a touch in the corner of my eye. 
  • Perfume: Yes, four of them, to be precise. They are Marc Jacobs' Eau So Fresh Daisy, DKNY Green Apple, Zara Rose and Zara Rose Petal. I've been using the Zara products on more of a day to day basis, as they are obviously the cheaper of the four, and saving the other two for special occasions. Unfortunately I am now out of the DKNY one and the Marc Jacobs one is heading the same one, so it has been put at the back of the shelf, ready for extra special occasions or when I'm having a bad day! They are all such lovely, summery scents and I'd recommend them all to anyone.
  • Topshop Skin Glow: I've been adding just a touch of it along my cheekbones and also to my cheekbones over the past few Summer months. It adds a perfect, healthy glow and I'll definitely be repurchasing this. You can certainly tell that I've been using most of these products throughout the Summer, as nearly all of them are completely empty!
  • Clinique Face Sun Screen: Considering I've lived in Spain for the past 7 years, you'd be amazed at just how pale I am. The best thing is that the colour I am now isn't even me at my palest, something all my Spanish friends are most surprised at. Thanks to having skin the colour of milk, it means I burn extremely easily and have a high chance of getting skin cancer, two things I'm obviously hoping to avoid at all costs. The sun screen has been a life saver on beach and pool days, where I am exposed to the sun for the majority of the day. Definitely a great purchase for all people that, like me, struggle with pale skin!

And that's it! What did you think of my Summer favourites? 

I'm thinking of doing one of these for every season, but don't know whether to do them at the beginning of each season (so they would be more like my 'essentials') or at the end of the month, like this one.
Let me know what you think in the comments, and be sure to tell me what you've been loving!