Saturday, 7 June 2014


It's official, Tumblr is my favourite social media. In a way, it combines all social medias into one; you have text posts (twitter), photos (instagram), videos (youtube) and more! I love scrolling through my dashboard and reblogging an endless amount of quotes and photos. Admittedly, if I spent less time doing that and more time studying, I'd probably be in attending Oxford University or something like that. Most of the posts I've posted recently are queued, due to having far too many exams and not enough time to breathe, so I think I might have to forget about Tumblr for a while!
Here's a few photos I've reblogged recently, so you can get the feel of my blog. I'm always looking for new blogs to follow so, if you like it, be sure to give it a follow!

My tumblr mainly features fashion posts and I'd say my style is greatly influenced on outfits and items of clothing that I find on Tumblr. If only some of them were slightly more in my price range! I also love finding new music and new places to travel to.

What is your favourite social media? 
Do you love Tumblr as much as I do?
Be sure to leave your links in the comments below!