Sunday, 24 April 2016

Apps You Need.

I love but hate mobile phones and technology. People nowadays can't even leave their house without their mobile phones, finding themselves lost without them when they're actually missing out on a lot more than they would be if they didn't have them in their hands. I myself am guilty of this and am ironically writing this on the tube. Despite the obvious downside, it amazes me just what technology nowadays can do (I acknowledge that this makes me sound about 50). Some of the apps out there are amazing (and now I found like my mother). I've put together a few of my favourites...

  • Snapcrack: This one is for those of you that want to screenshot snapchats but don't want to get caught. Don't deny it, we've all been there. It also lets you view and save snapchats for an unlimited time, never deleting them.
  • Triposo: Let's be honest - travel guides are expensive, especially when it comes to well known ones like those from The Rough Guide. Nowadays, however, you can get as many as you need for free. Simply download this app, enter the city or country that you wish to visit and simply download the guide. It's available offline too, so is abailable to use on the underground when you don't have 3G or if your phone doesn't work abroad.
  • Citymapper: This is probably one of my most used apps and is so much better than Google Maps. It compeltely plans your journey, keeping you up to date on delays, the number and names of stops and the times. It sends updates on services across tube and bus lines and you can use it as a map when walking or cycling. It also tells you the calories you burn and the amount of money your entire journey will cost. You can change the location to any city or country too so it's perfect for everyone.
  • VSCO: This is my go-to app for editing photos. Though some of the filters cost money, the majority are free. I tend to brighten my photos, sharpen them and then choose either F2 or H1. Gotta keep that Instagram theme strong.
  • Foursquare: This one goes hand in hand with Triposo and Citymapper. It automatically collects your location and then tells you the best places to eat, drink and vsit. If you're looking to plan ahead, you can just type in the country or city and then selection an option, such as "food", "nightlife", "entertainment", etc. and make a list of the best places you want to visit. 
  • Clean Master: This is perfect for photo horders and like. My phone was constantly telling me that I had no space left but, thanks to this app, it's no longer a problem. This app deletes all the junk on your phone that you didn't even know you had, let's you know what takes up the most memory and should be deleted, and also protects you from viruses. 

What are your most used apps?
Let me know in the comments below!