Tuesday, 26 April 2016

April Favourites - The Non-Beauty Favourites.

My spending habits have taken a major cut since I came to Australia. I still haven't booked my flights back to the U.K. and plan on doing some more travelling & exploring while here, so have been making sure that I don't blow all (or any) of my money on fashion and beauty products. My brain practically screams at me to just keep walking whenever I walk past any of my usual beauty joints.  Because of this, there aren't any new products that I've been loving so, for now, here are some non-beauty favourites...

  • Architecture: Like I've mentioned in practically every post over the last few months, I am in Australia, and Australia is a country that doesn't have a lot of history. I'm not talking about what they've gone through as a country to get to where they are, I'm talking about the fact that they consider anything over two hundred years old to be practically ancient which, considering I used to live in the town that has one of the oldest cathedrals in Spain and majored in Spanish History, dating from 282 B.C. up until the present day, is kind of shocking to me. I have been able to appreciate a different side to architecture than what I'm used to though. After all, this is the person that can sit in a library and read a book on lightbulbs. Though I'm missing the historic churches, cathedrals and buildings back in Spain, and also back in London, I'm enjoying seeing a different side to it. It's just good to see that some things never change; I still love floors and still get excited over marble, even if it is a very new & very shiny type of marble over here in Australia. I have one thing to say: #ihavethisthingwithfloors. 

  • Casey Neistat & Ben Brown: You know you're growing up when you stop watching and unsubscribe from a whole list of YouTubers that you feel that you have grown up with. I found myself watching the same old content out of habit, mainly because I didn't want to change my ways and feel like part of my teenage years were being left behind, but sometimes change is okay. Two YouTubers that I have stuck with and will no doubt continue to watch are Casey Neistat and Ben Brown. I love the breath of fresh air they bring to YouTube, their personalities & sense of humour and how you can see just how truly passionate they are about their jobs. Watching them experience new cultures & visit new cities or countries, just like I am, makes me feel like we're almost on the same adventure. Definitely head over to their channels if you haven't already. I'm also a massive fan of Ben's Instagram account, so be sure to check that out too. 

  • Cadbury Chocolate: I have always loved Cadbury Chocolate. It's my favourite brand and always will be. A plain chocolate bar? Sure. A crunchie? Definitely. A family bag of chocolate buttons? I'll take five. Due to it not being stocked in Spain or, when it was, being extremely over-priced, family & friends were constantly bringing it out with them for me, meaning I had to learn to ration it. Then I moved back to England and probably over-indulged a little bit too much. I expected to, once again, have to learn to ration it in Australia, but something I wasn't expecting was to love it even more. Though the large bars of chocolate don't quite taste the same, creme eggs are still exactly how they should be; creamy and gooey on the inside. There is even a larger range of flavours, including a chocolate bar which has seven pieces, each of which has a different flavour. Think coconut, strawberry, pineapple, orange, turkish delight, normal & caramel. I know what my suitcase will be full of when I eventually make my way back to the U.K. 
  • Colouring Book: With so much change happening recently, I've been feeling a bit anxious. It's definitely nowhere near as bad as it used to be, it just creeps up on me every now and then. One way that I like to keep it at bay is with this colouring book. I can spend hours doing just one page and it leaves me feeling calm and back to my old self. It's just so therapeutic and makes hours feel like a few seconds. It's also helped me get back into art and to do something creative. 
  • Suits: I know that season five finished a few months ago, but they just started shooting season six and I could not be more excited. I obviously won't give away any spoilers just in case there is anyone reading this that isn't caught up yet (if so, then what are you waiting for?!), but the last episode of 5A and the second half of season five are the best episodes of any TV show I have ever watched. I laughed, I chewed my finger nails off, I spilled cereal down my top and I even cried. P.S - I love Gabriel Macht and want to be Jessica Pearson ("Let me give you some advice from the throne" - is my new favourite one liner and I will be using it at every opportunity I get).
  • Sunglasses, Tiger: You know that pair of sunglasses you own that just seem to go with every item of clothes you own and that you just can't seem to take off? Same, and these are them. I'm determined not to fall asleep on them and break them in half like I did with my last pair. Australia is very sunny, even now that it's Autumn, so these have definitely been seeing (no pun intended) a lot of wear.
  • Mosquito Spray and Fly Swatter: I wish I could say that I was joking, but I'm really not. You could not guess the amount of times I have tried to sit outside and write a blog post, watch a film or just sit outside with friends before having to retreat to my room because I could literally feel myself being eaten. What is the point in mosquitoes? Bees, I understand, but mosquitoes? GET RID OF THEM. Fun fact: Marmite helps. Send marmite.
What have you been loving recently?
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